Buhari’s attendance of Ganduje, Ajimobi’s children’s wedding-Online comments

All roads led to Kano last weekend as Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, married off one of his daughters, Fatima, to Oyo state Governor, Abiola Ajimobi’s son, Idris, in a grand ceremony.
According to reports, the high and the mighty from all over the country, including 22 state governors attended the wedding. But on the social media, it was not the ‘dazzle’ of the couple or Kwankwaso’s mockery of the wedding as ‘auren zaurawa’ that got the Nigerians talking, it was the presence of President Muhammadu Buhari at the ceremony.
Their grouse was that Buhari hadn’t visited the country’s recent ‘theatres of killings’ or Dapchi, where schoolgirls were recently abducted by members of Boko Haram, but was able to attend the wedding. Here are some of the tweets and wall posts:

Femi Owolabi
“Forgive my ill-mannerism, but I could not comprehend why a governor will celebrate the wedding of his daughter, and another governor of his son, on the front pages of newspapers, flashing it before our eyes, when other peoples’ daughters are in captivity,” Bakare said.
“If any of them had lost a daughter in that captivity, would they celebrate that way? I know the Bible says rejoice with them that rejoice, but I do not know what the president of Nigeria was doing there.
“And somebody came to say, let me explain to you, it is Islamic tradition, before this time, about January, they had agreed, that he (Buhari) will be the one to give the bride away and (Bola) Tinubu will be the one to pay the dowry, and present the son, and they agreed long before now.
“I looked at him and said the president of Nigeria wanted to come to my daughter’s wedding, and I said to him, sir, don’t come. That is beneath your office. Face the work of the state and keep serving.
“And 22 governors showed up to mark register, when 110 daughters of citizens of your nation were captured by Boko Haram that you said you have already technically defeated?
“It just shows how insensitive our leaders are. We have gotten to a stage that our president has become a king and a monarch. That his son who rode his pleasurable bike that almost claimed his life, will be returning from an overseas trip, where he had received special healthcare that Nigerians cannot afford, that it took a whole minister of state to go and welcome him, because he has no job.”

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Bello Ibrahim
Has President Munammadu Buhari visited DAPCHI to commiserate with the parents and community? He was in Kano yesterday to witness the wedding of the children of Governors of APC.
This is in case any demented, brainwashed, nepotistic, myopic, shameless, moronic and idiotic scallywag told you this government is for the poor masses.
I refuse to be fooled.

Abol Priscilla
He went to meet 5000 votes

Peter Avan-Nomayo
He shied away from visiting where he was most needed but did not think twice to play a part in a wedding ceremony shortly after….this ‘adult’ decision calls into question his judgement as President of A Nation in distress…

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Tayo Adelaja
Bakare: I can’t comprehend what Buhari was doing at the Kano wedding with 110 girls missing

O’Femi Kolawale
President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday attended the wedding Fatiha between the son of Oyo State Governor, Idris Abiola Ajimobi and daughter of Kano State Governor, Fatima Umar Ganduje in Kano. But Nigerians have been criticising the President’s decision to party when the international community is mourning the sad incidence in Rann Thursday night when some security staff of the UN were killed.

Yetunde Onigbogi
No matter how it is cut or sliced, President Buhari hasn’t done well, attending the wedding in Kano (which isn’t a bad thing by itself) but not visiting Yobe. I agree it isn’t right to make political gains from a misfortune but a victim of misfortune will be greatly consoled by the visit of a sitting president of his country. Please let us not defend this: president buhari was completely wrong and hasn’t shown leadership in that Regards.

Semi Eriyo Sr
It was wrong and insensitive for Buhari to attend a wedding in Kano, and not visit the parents of the kidnapped girl.

Adjekpabon Mudiaga
Hmmm. Misplaced priority. This shows the mindset of a man who has shown so far to his hitherto supporters that he does not give a monkey’s to whatever happens to other folks. as long as they are not part of his kith and kin in as much he and his family are okay.

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Emma Momoh
Families Are Crying In YOBE For Their Daughters, No Visit From Buhari As He Goes Rocking At Wedding In Kano.

Inibehe Effiong
President Buhari has not considered it expedient to visit Dapchi where over 100 school girls were kidnapped but has all the time to attend a wedding ceremony in Kano. This is not how responsible leaders behave in the 21st century. Buhari’s apparent lack of empathy is sickening.

Mohammed Kabawa
So if you are a President in Nigeria you cant attend wedding again! See if you have something against Buhari say it, but all this low key critism about him attending wedding in Kano is uncalled for. Allow the man to flex his private life pls.

Muhib Aslu
The President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan didn’t visit Chibok when Chibok girls were abducted. Instead, he went to Kano to campaign. And you were pained. What a patriot you were!
“How could this president be so heartless! Isn’t it inhumane, irresponsible, nay rascally for a president to go dancing when the people he swore to protect were in dire danger,” you screamed.
President Muhammadu Buhari went to attend a wedding instead of visiting Dapchi after the abduction of Dapchi girls. You didn’t even notice this unforgivable repeat of that brutal callousness of a leader.
Does the President have to visit Dapchi despite its volatility, you shamelessly asked when Citizens pointed out the irresponsibility in the president’s conduct.
Munaafuki! Mai halshen damo! Tir!

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