On Buhari’s latest medical trip-online comment

After the presidency issued a press statement announcing President Muhammadu Buhari’s current medical trip to London, hell was let loose on the various social media platforms. Although there were a few dissenting comments, most of them were explosively in condemnation of the trip. Below are some of the comments:
Maryam Gata There is a very clear chink on PMB’s widely acclaimed integrity. Like other politicians, he’s also grossly fallacious and deceptive.
To link him to sainthood, or to say that his integrity is impeccable, like the hailing-hailers do, you are either blind or mischievous. Mind you! I am not a wailer; I thumb him up any time he deserves a thumb-up. Before his victory in 2015, one would never think he’d embark on medical tourism as a president, considering the way he flayed the ‘insiders’ who were medical tourists. He’s the president today, yet medical tourism is a frontline preoccupation of his term.
Where is the world-class hospitals he said he would build after becoming president? Has he forgotten that he said, during electioneering, that he’d reposition Nigeria’s health sector so as to ‘stem’ medical tourism?
We all have the rights to seek medication anywhere we want. However, as PMB embarks on another medical tourism, considering his campaign rants about it, and the fact that our federal hospitals are on strike, his much-touted integrity is farcical. Every would-be politician should watch his words while electioneering.
Farooq Kperogi The really cruel irony in President Buhari’s yet another expensive medical trip to London is that at this very moment health workers in all federal hospitals across the nation are on strike, and poor patients who can’t afford private hospitals are writhing in unspeakable agony. Several will die. Yet Buhari will go get top-notch medical care at the expense of the Nigerian taxpayer–like his son did in Germany when he had a bike accident.
In three years, the man hasn’t been able to build a single world-class hospital even for his own selfish interest. He would rather waste billions of naira of our public treasury to go to London to treat himself. When Buhari said “change begins with me,” he actually meant “you”- – yes, you poor, cheated, deprived, underprivileged person–not him. He is exempt from “change.” Let that marinade for a while.
Idris Obadaki It suprises me that the poor, cheated, deprived, underprivileged in this dysfunctional state keep defending this man’s ineptitude. Buharism is has created more ediots Nasiru Waziri Joseph Yusuf Kperogi Suleiman Compiled by Awaal Gata and morons. Two things hardly coexist fanatical buharism and reasoning.
Yemi Saka As PMB goes to United Kingdom to keep an appointment with his Doctor(s), unconfirmed reports say £650,000:00(six hundred and fifty thousand Great British Pounds) was paid at Queens Hospital to cover for his treatment the last time. It was alleged that the said sum was to cover cost of medication, dialysis, chemotherapy and blood transfusion.
That’s an equivalent of N325,000,000 @ N500 for £1. Add estacode for aides, hanger charges for Presidential Jet and running of Abuja House in United Kingdom while he was there, you will realise we spent almost a billion naira to keep Buhari alive. Ever since he came back, he hasn’t spent such amount on National Hospital Abuja.
Suleiman Mohammed BUHARI’s MEDICAL TRIP News have it that Buhari is in London on Medical trip. We wish him quick recovery. But lest we forget soon that, Buhari as an opposition leader then, had several times condemned medical vacation abroad by public officers. In which he said was because of their neglect to revamp or improve the standard of our health sectors and hospitals.
Since PMB came to power, him and his family have made several trips abroad for medical treatment. His wife was recently reported to have criticized the lack of syringe and paracetamol in the State House, Asorock Clinic, in spite of the Billions of Naira budget earmarked for the Asorock Clinic. It is 3 years now since PMB has come to power, shall we believe that he could not improve the standard of, even a single hospital in Nigeria, that would take care of his and his family’s heath in order to prevent them from embarking on medical trips abroad so that billions of Naira of public funds could be saved.
Lewis Afolabi Buhari’s UK medical trip. Jonathan must be blamed for it. He didn’t fix the medical system.
Waziri Mohammed “Why do I need to go for foreign medical trip if we can’t make our hospital functional?” An excerpt from President Muhammadu Buhari’s address to Nigerian community in London in 2015 after the election was shifted to March. I just remembered.
Nasiru Umar It couldn’t have been possible for anybody to fi x the country’s hospitals to the UK or other advanced countries standard in terms of equipment and personnel within 3 years. The issue is beyond paper and ink my brother. Sani Bello If all the money Buhari has been wasting on his medical trip was used to upgrade National Hospital to a world class medical facility I would have consider Buhari as a responsible man of integrity for once. Never again shall our country be ruled by a selfish irresponsible shameless Dictator.
Yusuf Mohammed Salis Mr Buhari have indeed perform below expectations and therefore no one can be crucify for challenging him, besides it’s very shameful of Mr Buhari and his family to be wasting tax payers money on medical tourism, while he can’t built a single hospital, he can’t fi x Abuja Kaduna express Road ,he is unable to review minimum wage for poor civil servants in the life of his administration and he even have guts to criticised past leaders. Mr Buhari is indeed a total disgrace to the nation, considering the high expectations put on him. Only a moron would re elect him.
Joseph Nzale Zakka I have never heard any foreign government official coming to 9ja for health treatment, rather we going their for medical tourism. It is human beings like us that fixed their system to work, those countries also had challenges but they were determined to make a difference so to be remembered after they are gone..
Youth wake from our slumbers and make sure these sets of leaders do not come back again, for u to be president in 9ja u have to be 45 n above. You see these guys don’t have us in mind, it is paddy paddy things for them at the top


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