Buhari’s visit: Al-Makura parades legacy projects

MOHAMMED YANGIDA evaluates the significance of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Nasarawa state, last week, in spite of the propaganda machine of the opposition that created negative feelings in public space before the visit
Historic moment
The recent visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Nasarawa state was a historic moment and still remains fresh in the hearts of people of Nasarawa state.
The visit was a demonstration of his inestimable love and a testimony of his concern for the government and people of Nasarawa state.
For people of the state it was also a privilege to have Mr. President back again in Nasarawa state, having hosted him in the past as political leader who heralded the only CPC government in the country that became his political laboratory, even in this present dispensation.
The visit meant much for Governor Umaru Al-Makura and Nasarawa indigence who felt honoured and delighted to host the president whom they see as their political father, mentor , role model Nigerian rare nationalist and indefatigable fighter for the common man .

Governor Al-Makura
Accordingly, Governor Al-Makura said, Nasarawa state , “ will always be with President Muhammadu Buhari , particularly in his economic and political aspirations now and ever more have been done and more shall be done, as 2019 is just close”. “We have done it before. We shall always do it again we are always with you Mr. President.” The governor restated.
It is well known that Nasarawa state Governor Al- makura a strong ally of President Buhari , Nasarawa being the laboratory of APC that tested and worn election when it was under the umbrella name of CPC.
According to the President “people of Nasarawa have always been with the change movement, since the early days of the Congress for Progressive Change ( CPC ) through All Progressives Congress ( APC ),” adding that in 2011, the people of Nasarawa decided to vote for Change, voted for the CPC, in order to have a government for the people, and in 2015 they voted for continuity.

Nasarawa my political home
President Buhari who proudly commended Nasarawa state, affirmed that it is his political home since 2011, stressed that he has been following the trend of events in Nasarawa state and reports he received were that of execution of many projects by Al-Makura, that also during his campaign visit in 2015 he noticed the transformation within Lafia metropolis.
Equally, Buhari stressed that the change philosophy which precipitated the APC government will continue to idealise and identify issues that are critical to the socio-economic development of the country with a view to proffering lasting solution to them.

Securing lLife and property
The president assured Nigerians that he will intensify efforts towards the realization of the cardinal objectives of his administration which anchor on securing life and property, curbing corruption and economic growth through diversification.

The president who gave kudos to the governor, described the comprehensive special school for disable persons, built by Governor Al-Makura, among other projects he commissioned , as a clear demonstration of their collective ambition in uplifting the standard of living of all Nigerians through social investment policies which should be carter for deaf , blind and other physically challenged persons.
“indeed this is a clear example of our inclusive policy where no child, men or women will be left behind”, the president said.
Interestingly, the visit was a huge success and historic. The visit has portrayed the state in a positive light which is hoped will translate into a meaningful development for the state among which is that the federal government will site projects that will attract foreign investment to the state, due to its proximity to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT ), and equally gave the state opportunity for all the ongoing strategic projects especially, the power transmission sub-station in Lafia and road networks to be completed on time so as to enhance socio-economic development of the state and the North central region.

Turnout of common men
The visit was overwhelmingly rancor free, and the president was received by a large turnout of common men on the streets of Lafia, to show their support and solidarity to President Buhari, not minding to walk kilometres to welcome the special guest.
To Governor Almakura, it was unarguably one of his happiest moments. True, the governor could not hide his joy for successfully receiving President Buhari. Written all over his face was a feeling of; Yes-I-Have-Done –It-Well. Even his traducers with all their machinations could not stop his excitement, as Almakura was full of smiles.
As for Nasarawa indigenes, they did not only judge the visit as well deserved, but they also recommended the governor for hosting President Buhari , this, they demonstrated by their orderly conduct before , during and after the one day visit by Mr President. Equally, the central working committee, information and publicity committee, deserve kudos, handled their work with enviable professionalism.
In the same manner, the security operatives deserve applaud for ensuring a hitch free visit, evidently, there was no report of security breach in the state during the president’s visit.


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