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How many Americans living and doing businesses in the US have off-shore accounts elsewhere naming their American Banks as affiliate banks only.

The Nigerian business elite is so undisciplined that they maintain off-shore accounts for businesses done within Nigeria and list our banks as affiliate banks for record purpose only.
Need we look further to understand why there is capital flight, leading to underdevelopment of polity? Many analysts today query the policies of the United State of America especially her posturing on the world and have christened that country as the “Police of the world.”

It is a fact that all countries in the world have their quirks, the US inclusive, but many times I wonder how our world and her affairs would have been directed without the efforts of the United States.

Just imagine that the US withdraws her military bases, around the World and military assets back to America; decide to stop contributing troops to Multinational Task Force around the globe. How will the world then stand? I feel strongly that the world today is safer with the US involvement in her affairs than without because that country whichever way you look at it has more social conscience than many other countries.

The question that has to be asked is: what is the answer to Nigeria’s problems? The Fulani onslaught, militancy, kidnappings for ransom and the religious crisis in Nigeria may give rise to insurgency blowing across the world like wildfire if not well managed.

Even though Egypt is a wholly Muslim country, the country enforces secularism and people intermarry. Why not in Nigeria I want to believe in our clime, its politics without the science. It’s a matter of personal rather than collective interest/good. A foe today switches side to become a friend and vice-versa once an interest resonates.

Lack of continuity in government is the bane of our society. Politicians tend to lose sight of the fact that governance is akin to building a structure-it’s an ‘engineering’ feat that requires a continuous process. After all, the art of governance is about the delivery of services rather than the person or personality of a predecessor. It’s simply unfathomable that they can’t make a distinction.

Simon Abah,


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