Building products based on customer needs: The LG smart & dual inverter story

With the recent increase in the number of people working from home, the demand for energy-efficient and powerful cool air conditioners have risen exponentially across Africa due to unbearable heat caused by the weather, especially during the dry

Based on customer needs, the electronics giants has varieties of Air Conditioner namely; GenCool, ArtCool and DualCool Premium Air Conditioners. A few years ago, LG introduced its GENCOOL Inverter V that work efficiently with small capacity generators. Specially designed for the Nigerian market, AC comes with benefits such as affordability, energy efficiency and durability.

Unlike the conventional AC (i.e. ON/OFF types) which requires a big-sized generator to start the AC due to their high start-up electric power, LG’s GEN COOL AC be started with smaller generators due to LG’s innovative inverter technology. According to LG, for the normal mode, 1HP AC needs a 1.5 KVA generator while 1.5 HP requires 1.7KVA and 2HP needs 2.2KVA.

Thus, the LG GEN COOL Air Conditioner comes with the GEN Mode which allows for the use of a small capacity generator in areas where electric supply is insufficient, eliminating the need for a large generator. So with the AC’s GEN Mode feature, you minimize startup electric requirements.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr. Hari Elluru, said, “We have more number of -ready ACs with Smart ThinQ (Wi-Fi) along with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. We aim to offer the best air conditioning solutions to our consumers through a robust portfolio supported by effective after-sales service. Which gives the confidence to continue our last year’s and the industry’s first initiative of same-day installation.”

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