Buni, kindly rescue Jajere constituency

I am writing this letter to respectfully bring to the notice of Governor of Yobe state, Mai Mala Buni, on the plight of the good people of Jajere constituency of Fune local government area of Yobe state.

Sir, from the moment Nigeria returned to civil rule in 1999, Jajere constituency has to-date, remained one of the strongholds of the various parties in governance thereby affording every past and current administration with high margins of votes in local and general elections.

The constituency comprising Kollere/Kafaje, Kayeri, Jajere A, Jajere B, Marmari/Gudukurka, Mashio and Alagarno wards are communities which share common problems of dilapidated facilities like road, hospitals and a host of other vital amenities.

Your Excellency, Sir, it may interest you to note however that a significant number of dwellers of the affected communities are farmers and cattle rearers who have been generating immense economic benefits to the state and indeed, Northeast region.

Sadly, many past and the current administrations have chosen to refuse constructing and/or rehabilitating infrastructure for these law abiding people particularly transportation system which has been of great necessity. This is posing untold hardship to the locals transporting agricultural produce from the areas. For instance, during the rainy seasons, motorists would hardly travel to or from the areas due to poor transportation network.

The state of the facilities is so alarming that every well meaning person from any of these suffering communities will shed tears considering how governments have failed to fix basic infrastructure that guarantees quality of human life and wellbeing.

Your Excellency Sir, we are very optimistic and believe in your leadership for running an all-inclusive government which is fundamental in achieving desired objectives.

While commending your administration for flagging off the Gujba-Ngalda, Garing Bingel-Koyel Bula roads and other ongoing capital projects across our dear state, we in the same vein remain hopeful that you will come to the rescue of the good people of Kafaje, Kayeri, Barumari and Borno-kichi with an immediate flag off of critical infrastructural development projects.

For instance, your administration will do well to connect Kafaje, Kayeri and Borno-Kichi to Koyel Bula road in Danchuwa an estimated of 26 kilometres road, likewise rehabilitate Tikau-Jajere road, one of the busiest roads within the area. The connection of these roads will immensely generate more economic benefits to the state government, enhance security, job opportunities to our teeming youths as well as enhance productivity and sustainable economic development.

This will further complement your Strategic Development Plan for the state.

Hassan Malam Yalwa,

Kafaje, Yobe state

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