What Burnley transfer development could mean for future of West Brom star

Craig Dawson, the star defender for the West Bromwich Albion, was eyed by the Burnley football club for long. Burnley F.C. was hoping to seal a deal with the west from alongside jay Rodriguez. But the unsure attitude of West Brom frustrated the Burnley. The club now is looking to make a deal with Swansea city club for its center back Alfie Mawson. If you are into sports betting or are looking for affiliate codes for betting, this is good news. You can now find it easier to put your bets on West Brom now in their next match.
What Does this Development Mean?
Swansea club has already snubbed by West Ham United, who wanted to seal the deal for Mawson. In any case, Mawson is set to leave the club this season. It will be worth seeing how the club manages to retain him and which club gets Mawson.
Coming back to Dawson, the star player could not get to join the likes of Tom Heaton and Ashley Barnes primarily because of difference in valuations between the clubs. When a current player is transferred to another club, the latter club is required to pay a particular compensatory amount to the former. This value is usually equal to the player’s value.
Now, in Dawson’s case, West Brom is demanding 20 million pounds. It is to be noted that Dawson did not participate in the pre-season training camp of the club held in Portugal last month. He also expressed his desire of transfer.
The Other Developments
This transfer season has seen many clubs vying for the top players to help make their squads better.
Sean Dyche, for instance, has been trying to get Dawson and jay to his club for long. The club offered a total amounting to 25million pounds for the duo, but West Brom rejected the bid. The Burnley club is reportedly at a budget of 30 million pounds. The Burnley has reportedly begun to look for alternatives to avoid last minute player selection.
Craig Dawson used to pay for the local club named Rochdale St Clements from where he was loaned to Radcliffe. He was awarded the player of the season there. This marked the beginning of his star-studded journey. He came to the West Brom in 2010, and from then, he is a regular there. He even played for Rochdale and Bolton Wanderers on loan from the West Brom.
His transfer to Burnley could have marked the beginning of a new era for him. It will be worth seeing how west Brom retains Dawson. Him not participating in the pre-season practices clearly point to his intention of not playing for the club. If the Burnley manages to negotiate the valuation amount, it will be beneficial for it. But then with this high valuation, it is Dawson who will ultimately benefit.
He has already shown his skills by defeating Arsenal in the premier league and bagging player of the match.
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