Call Asari-Dokubo to order, MURIC tells FG

Muslim Rights (MURIC) yesterday warned the to call the leader of Niger People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujaheeden, to order.
MURIC accused Asari Dokubo of threating to make ungovernable unless President Jonathan secures a second term ticket in the 2015 .
In a statement issued by its spokesman, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, it said: “We are greatly perturbed that a threat of this magnitude is emanating at a time so close to the 2015 time.
“The Muslim Rights (MURIC) is constrained to ask President Jonathan if Asari Dokubo is speaking for the presidency or if he has the tacit approval of Mr. President,” it said.
“We call President Jonathan’s attention to the dangers inherent in threats issued publicly in a country as volatile as .
“While this is not the first time such a threat is issued, we are bewildered by the silence and inaction of the agencies each time Asari Dokubo one of his threats.
“We are shocked to our marrows that was harassed and finally detained for hours for allegedly making a ‘provocative’ statement just a few days ago whereas nothing happens when Asari Dokubo threatens and order.

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