Calling on Kaduna South LG chair

It is sad that we still don’t know the forbidden fruit in our communities. Schools, hospitals, worship centers, etc. are forbidden fruits. 

We are not suffering from banditry or insurgency in Kaduna South. Where have we gone wrong? This same issue happened at LGEA Faki road and Mohammed Kabir.The money spent in building and renovating schools is our money and also the dividend of democracy and governance. Even when a politician uses his personal funds it’s still for his own good. Looking at the situation critically and also our communities and its people you will find out that the people have been neglected and also a huge lack of synergy between the people and the elected representatives accross board. Approach and entry point matter alot when it comes to leadership. 

If I carry you along in things I do, if I tell you my plans and what we intend to achieve collectively, if I tell you my plans for you, you give me your suggestions and contributions and they are implemented that will give you hope, joy and satisfaction for one day it will be your turn. That is also another GAP. Not you chosing what you think is right for the people from a random sampling from your yes men. 

The 001 of Kaduna South LGA is the seat of the LG chairman and should be in the picture of everything that happens in his jurisdiction. He is the chief security officer of the LGA. I recall I didn’t see him at the ground breaking of the LEA Kargi project which with just a phone call he can assign security agents to all these facilities. When I was in the APC before the 2019 elections he was busy parading every aspirant in his events and activities to show his support and contribution come 2019 elections. 
I will like to call the attention of the LG chairman to make it mandatory that for any project that will be carried out in Kaduna South he should be fully in the picture because at some point he shares part of the blame. 

Nobody begged anyone to serve. Regardless of your wealth and personality once you make us to believe in you, make us to go under the sun/rain for hours to vote you then you are a ‘SLAVE TO YOUR PEOPLE’ As a youth leader in Kaduna South we have to give awareness to the people most expecially the youth so that when it’s our turn or anyone else they can be held responsible and also to see these leaders as fellow human beings who we must respect but also hold accountable.

Just because politically we areopposition we can’t sit and fold our arms and see our times fly not to speak and give suggestions that will better the lives of the people of Kaduna South. 
We, therefore, demand that you provide functional skill acquisitions centers that will keep those vandalising our properties busy and be self-reliant. Some of our youth are interested in the security agencies. Get them Navy, Army, Air Force, etc they will really love that.  Reform some of them and inject them into KADVS, some of them know these bushes very well due to their hunting activities. 

Lastly, set up a committee in collaboration with the knowledge security agencies and traditional rulers to investigate the issue of vandalising schools and prosecute the criminals. Lack of punishment encourages crime.  

Zailani AJ Musa,Kaduna[email protected]