Candido’s midas touch at FCTA Transportation

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In less than 100 days as the 8th Secretary of the Federal Capital Territory Administration Transportation Secretariat, Abdullahi Adamu Candido is already setting records.

Candido is not new to administration as he left an indelible footprints in Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, as a two-term executive chairman which he just handed over in May this year.

It is on record that since the creation of AMAC as a local government, Candido’s achievements stand him out.

The list is inexhaustible as he established the first community radio by a local government in Nigeria. He also established a micro finance bank, AMAC Marshal, AMAC Investment and Property company, and AMAC Sanitary Inspectors being among the first in local government administration in the country.

So when he was appointed the Mandate Secretary of FCT Transportation Secretariat in September, many heaved a sigh of relief that a round peg has come to transform the transportation system in the Federal Capital.

And he has not failed as under his watch, the revenue profile of the Secretariat improved tremendously as between January and as at last Friday, November 16, N4.2billion has been raked in by the Directorate of Road Traffic Service, DRTS.

According to Candido this amount is 89.30% of the set revenue target. Giving account of his stewardship, he reeled out figures and facts that have placed the Secretariat on a good pedestral.

The mandate secretary said 31,645 people applied for driver license while 22,524 renewed theirs. Also, he said 54,620 applicants applied for the FCT driver license while 3, 532 applicants failed the test processes for issuance of driver license and where referred for further training.

Candido said it is now compulsory for all vehicles owners renewing their car documents to undergo the computerised inspection.

He said between January and November this year, 37,572 vehicles were inspected while 16,198 passed the test and 21,438 failed.

He said during the period under review, 10 highway bus stop shelters were constructed to provide shelters and safety for passengers awaiting public transport.

In order to check indiscriminate parking of vehicles by public transport providers along the highway for passengers embarking and disembarking, the Secretariat has created additional locations for Temporary Bus Terminals, taxi Ranks and Keke parks in various parts of the city.

The FCTA, he said has licensed 7 companies to provide High-Capacity bus services and painted taxi services in the Territory.

He said efforts are on to partner with the private investors to resuscitate Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company AUMTCO.

As such, he said 2 private investors are discussing with the Secretariat to inject high capacity buses into Abuja Urban Transportation System.

He said the Secretariat is out to procure the pavements marking for major roads in the FCT. Also proposed for procurement are directional signs, road Traffic signs and road studs.

Candido said 4,552 motorcycles were impounded, 2,552 were crushed while 2,000 others are in the process of being crushed before the year runs out.

On recorded accident, he said 348 motor vehicle were involved in accidents, 508 people were involved in traffic accidents, 39 fatalities recorded, 118 serious injuries while 355 people had minor or no injuries.

On achievements, he said, the processing time in vehicle registration and renewal of vehicles documents has been reduced from 24 hours to an average time of one hour.

Also, he said 1,500 dispatch motorcycles were registered and 850 riders have attended the mandatory training at the DRTS training centre as part of the process to obtain the Riders Certification Card for dispatch operation in the FCT.

He said the FCTA is determined to provide the Territory with the long awaited BRT route.
Already, the review of the conceptual design and available studies for a long term integrated Abuja BRT and detailed design of the pilot corridor, Central Business District, CBD to Auta Balefi in Nasarawa state is about 95% completed.

The project is being carried out through African Development Bank grant.

He said efforts are being made to replace the vandalised sections of the Abuja Rail Mass Transit tracks, rehabilitate the tracks and get the operations re-started..

In preparation for the resumption of operations, measures are on to ensure the security of the entire length of the rail tracks and the train terminals.

CCECC, the company that constructed the project has handed over the security and protection of the rail facilities to two local security companies.

He said 12 diesel multiple units rolling stock and other Depot equipments have been delivered setting the pace for rail operation between the Metro station in Central Business District CBD to Idu, Airport and from Idu to Kubwa when the rehabilitation work on the vandalised portions of the rail tracks are completed.

He said the rail service though is cheaper for commuters, it will also provide efficient and safe transportation system and environmentally friendly transportation system, integrate social, political and economic activities between the satellite towns and the city centre. It will also serve as additional source of revenue for the FCTA.

Indeed Candido has the Midas touch as he is determined to leave a lasting benchmark in the Transportation Secretariat of the FCTA.

Abdul, a journalist, writes via [email protected]

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