‘CAS judgement, not about NFF election’

I didn’t lose in CAS.
What took us to CAS was NFF vs FIFA, not NFF election.
I celebrate CAS judgement, because it is going to put an end to the controversies.
CAS did not say in its judgement that Amaju Pinnick or Ambassador Chris Giwa is the president of NFF, because the election of these two factions did not fall under their scope of reference.
It fell under the Nigerian law and only the Nigerian law will determine it.
What we challenged in CAS was the letter that was sent by FIFA, which recognized Amaju Pinnick as NFF President.
I represented my board in CAS, while Musa Amadu represented the other board and FIFA said that it was Sepp Blatter, the former FIFA President that recognized Amaju Pinnick on a personal note.
FIFA also denied the threat of banning Nigeria.
Those were the two matters before CAS.
So we didn’t lose in CAS, because of the 26th or 30th elections, but they said it fell under the Nigerian law, so we came to Nigerian law.
We are all Nigerians and a sovereign nation, so our constitution should be one.
FIFA is an association and will provide an opportunity to listen to both parties, because they hitherto listened to only one party.
My plans for Nigerian football I know how football is loved in Nigeria.
I was somewhere when Nigeria played Iceland in the World Cup and was impressed by the happiness exhibited by Nigerians when we won the watch.
My peace, happiness and safety is for Nigeria to do well, because, no matter how good you are, you would want Nigeria to do well.
My plan is for the country to do well in future competitions because, no matter the level of preparations, good results are what people are interested in; as good results will reflect good preparations.
A Coach once told me that they are some matches that you have to get a good result.
In our next board meeting, we will out our plans hopefully very soon.
Nigerians want to see good results and the Nations Cup back in the country.
Tenure at office Two bodies have a decision to agree on the tenure of the board.
One is the Congress, the highest ruling body.
If the Congress decides that the matter will come out of court, it will.
My number one mission is reconciliation, because there’s division in the family.
I want us to come together and become one, because it’s interest that brought us together.
I want to respect the decision of the congress and Nigeria and not be here because I want to be.
Therefore, the Congress will determine what the timeframe of my tenure should be.
Apart from our board member who is late, we have our board members from different parts of the country: North Central, South South, South East, South West, North West.
We will get someone to fill the vacant position very soon.
Super falcons There is always a step to success, so we will soon roll out our plans for the Super Falcons and the tournaments ahead of us during our board meeting.
No matter how we prepare the team, if they lose a match, people will say we didn’t prepare very well.
I know the task ahead of us and we need victory.
The board is the coming together of fourteen people, but the Nigeria League will be supported.
The Leadership will be looked into later at the Executive meeting.

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