Food security and national power

September 17, 2020 Jibrin Baba Ndace 0

One of the basic needs of man is food. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places food, which falls under physical survival needs, above other human needs. Maslow, who is noted for his pioneering effort in human psychology and  his work on, ‘how people get the best from themselves’; posits that ‘all human beings have five levels of needs  to be Read More

Ending the subsidy regime: matters arising

September 17, 2020 Dan Agbese 0

As I was saying, the decision to end the fuel subsidy regime was momentous. A decision this big would naturally invite what we call matters arising. These are issues thrown up when a new policy comes into effect and our comfort zone is invaded. For instance, under the new regime, we are paying more for fuel and electricity at a Read More

The Diezani, Malami, Magu saga

September 16, 2020 Zainab Suleiman Okino 0

 The former Minister of Petroleum, Mrs Diezani Madueke, had not openly spoken, or granted any interview in the last five years that she’s been standing trial in absentia for corruption and embezzlement, but when she did about four weeks ago, she pontificated on morality and social values at a virtual event organised by the Ijaw National Development Group.Although Diezani spoke Read More

The petrol subsidy narrative

September 14, 2020 Jerry Uwah 0

The federal government eventually offered clumsy excuses for its decision to end the necessary evil known as petrol subsidy. Government’s defence stood logic on its head as it celebrated courage in the face of arrant cluelessness, pusillanimity and ineptitude. Government met consumers’ anger with executive wrath. It described consumers’ anger as “unnecessary and mischievous” when it had five years to uproot Read More

Hailers and Wailers: Who are more patriotic?

September 13, 2020 Hassan Gimba 0

This article was first published in December 2017 and repeated in August 2018. With change being the only constant in human life, a lot of water has passed under the bridge in our country since then that has made yesterday’s hailers today’s wailers and vice versa. I find this write-up very relevant and perhaps may make us view Nigeria first Read More

13th Etsu Nupe: A Quintessential Royal Father @ 68

September 12, 2020 Mohammed Baba Busu 0

There is no doubt, the excitement and high spirits in the entire Kin Nupe in Niger State cannot be quantified as the people are having double celebrations. The Etsu Nupe,  His Royal Highness, Alhaji (Dr.) Yahaya Abubakar CFR, and Chairman, Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, the Royal Father in charge of all the Nupe Nationalities in the World is Read More

Nigeria’s saints among sinners

September 11, 2020 Editorial III 0

We all face temptations ever and anon. It first surfaced at the Garden of Eden when Satan, the ultimate tempter who is blamed by every tempted till date, slithered into the environment and got Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. And she discovered it was tasty. She then approached her man, Adam, and told him what God was hiding from Read More

Buhari, development and new electricity tariff, fuel price increase

September 10, 2020 Abdullahi M. Gulloma 0

As Nigerians continue to debate the appropriateness or otherwise of the recent hike in the price of fuel and electricity tariff, President Muhammadu Buhari expressed the determination of the present administration to provide stable electricity to every home and industry. To achieve that objective, the president said the federal government would consider the economic challenges individuals, families and businesses have Read More

At last, the subsidy regime ends

September 10, 2020 Dan Agbese 0

The federal government could not have expected public applause over its decision this week to end fuel and electricity subsidies. None came. Instead, criticisms have come fast and furious. Labour is oiling its gun to do battle with the Buhari administration. It is the normal reaction. As they say, no shaking.             All the critics of the new policy home Read More

Let the bombs remain silent

September 10, 2020 Jibrin Baba Ndace 0

Terrorism and insurgency have graduated from being isolated occurrence into regular incidents at the turn of the 21st century. One of the most used instruments of destruction and instilling of fear in people is bombs and improvised explosives. Every continent has had its share of senseless bomb explosions targeting buildings, cars, airplanes, markets and in Nigeria, even churches and mosques. Read More

Nigeria: A revolution or evolution?

September 8, 2020 JOSEPH CALEB ADINOYI 0

Proportionately, as time progresses, there has been a heightening in the level of dissatisfaction perceived about the Leadership and governance state in our polity; putting Nigeria in perspective. You prolly have an endless list of the plagues deteriorating the wellness of our nation. Some have actually become so embarrassing and unheard of that we rather not tell. So I will Read More

Consumers’ mounting burden

September 7, 2020 Jerry Uwah 0

The naira sprang a pleasant surprise last week as it gracefully appreciated from a humiliating exchange rate of N480 to N420 to the dollar within the week. There were fears that the naira could tumble to N500 to the dollar. However, recent development in the market and the entire economy suggests that Nigeria’s embattled currency might just stabilise between N410 and Read More

Journalists, lawyers and national unity

September 6, 2020 Hassan Gimba 0

The Nigerian media has come a long way since Iwe Irohin fun Awon Ara Egba ati Yoruba (literally newspaper for the Egba and Yoruba) was birthed on December 3, 1859, by the missionary, Reverend Henry Townsend. It was shortened to Iwe Irohin and the English Language edition was added.  Reverend Townsend stated: “my objective is to get the people to read, ie, to beget Read More

Ego-tripping in the National Assembly

September 3, 2020 Dan Agbese 0

Email: [email protected] SMS: 08055001912 The wasteful obsession of the National Assembly with the review of the constitution has quite often baffled me. What really is it about? Is it about giving the country the perfect constitution? I have searched for answers in vain and said so in this and other forums. But the law-makers persist with their obsession and the waste Read More

On the soaring foods prices…

September 3, 2020 Abdullahi M. Gulloma 0

Nigerians daily, complaint about soaring prices of food items in the markets and, this week, President Muhammadu Buhari has lent his voice to their series of complaints. The president, in a statement issued by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu, said while providence has been kind to Nigerians with the rains, raising expectation for bumper Read More

Agriculture as the way out of impending recession

August 31, 2020 Jerry Uwah 0

Everyone expected the flurry of bad news on Nigeria’s economy streaming in from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). However, few expected the figures to be so deep in negative territory. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had estimated that Nigeria’s economy would shrink by 4 to 5 per cent in the second quarter of 2020. The Read More

FFK and the parable of swamp hippopotamus

August 30, 2020 Hassan Gimba 0

Last week, a video in which Femi Fani Kayode, FFK, threw a tantrum and rained abuses on Mr Eyo Charles, Daily Trust reporter in Cross River state, for asking a simple, germane and straightforward question went viral. The occasion was a press briefing by the loquacious FFK after “inspecting” projects done by the government of Benedict Ayade. The question that triggered his Read More

Faeces as a cuisine or for money ritual?

August 29, 2020 Editorial III 0

“One man’s food is another man’s poison” is a time-honoured truism. I am afraid, you may not find today’s piece quite palatable to savour. But I have to serve it up all the same in spite of myself. That is the price columnists have to pay… to serve the mouth-watering meals and the ones that make you feel like throwing Read More

Buhari’s 9 priority areas to improve livelihood of Nigerians

August 27, 2020 Abdullahi M. Gulloma 0

As the present administration, bedeviled by security and economic challenges, approaches its end in three years from now, President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to focus his attention on improved service delivery to Nigerians. Particularly, the president said the attention of the administration would be dedicated to the tasks of providing access to quality education, health care and productivity. In his Read More

Ndigbo and the quest for 2023

August 27, 2020 Dan Agbese 0

It should be possible for the rest of us to understand the frustrations of Ndigbo in the hands of their two big brother tribes, Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba, and their determination to distance Ndigbo from the levers of the highest political power in the land. We should offer them some sympathy in their quest at every election circle to produce the Read More

Investing in the Nigerian Youth: Disaster or Dividend?

August 25, 2020 Ibrahim Faruk 0

Since independence in 1960, successive Nigerian governments have initiated programmes and projects aimed at the youth. The government of President Olusegun Obasanjo (1999-2007) launched the National Program for the Eradication of Poverty (NAPEP), which aimed to reduce poverty. The Federal Government of Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan also launched the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P), which targeted the youth, Read More

Sadiya’s one year on the social security beat

August 23, 2020 Jibrin Baba Ndace 0

Barely a year ago, exactly on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, few months into the second term of the administration, while assigning portfolio to newly inaugurated ministers at the Presidential Villa, President Muhammadu Buhari announced the creation of five new ministries–namely Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development; Police Affairs; Special Duties and International Affairs; Aviation; and Power. The Social Development Read More

Matawalle and taming of the Dakhus of Zamfara

August 23, 2020 Hassan Gimba 0

Zamfara, intoned differently, can mean “I will begin” in Hausa. But Zamfara, from the Zamfara Kingdom, did not start on October 1, 1996, when it was detached from Sokoto state by the government of the late General Sani Abacha. It began a long time ago. It was founded in the 11th century and survived as a city-state until the 16th Read More

“Modern slaves are not in chains; they are in debts”

August 20, 2020 Dan Agbese 0

I welcome the House of Representatives’ decision to probe the $400 million Chinese loan. But the probe appears to primarily focus on the sovereign clause in the loan agreement. Indeed, this was what triggered the alarm about the loan because those of us not tutored in the intricacies of international law fear that  the said clause would amount to China legitimately Read More

The corruption factor in low tax revenue

August 17, 2020 Jerry Uwah 0

The federal government is facing what probably is Nigeria’s most calamitous financial crisis in the last 30 years. Even when the kleptomaniac Sanni Abacha was selling oil at $10 per barrel and stealing $5 billion from the dwindling income, government was not as broke as it is today. The revenue crunch is so excruciating that government lost N1.2 trillion in the first quarter of Read More