The microeconomics of BUA v. Dangote price fixing conflict

April 13, 2021 Muhammad Sagir 0

In October 1929, values of stocks in the New York Stock Exchange (NSE) market dropped to an unprecedented record level. Within three days, many investors lost about $5 billion. Towards the end of the year, major banks and investment companies lost about $11 billion. That loss, led to closing of factories and laying off their workers, as economists forecasted more Read More

Celebrating books

April 13, 2021 Furera Bagel 0

([email protected]) What is the worst thing that can happen to you? I was once asked and my response was, “To find myself on a long trip without a book!”The International World Book Day falls in this month, and as we celebrate, what better time is here to honour and humour the power and majesty of books?Mothers are said to be Read More

The Maradi rail solution to food inflation

April 12, 2021 Jerry Uwah 0

Nigeria’s surging food inflation is something of grave concern to the whole world. Millions are already starving. Food inflation in the month of February stood menacingly at 21.7 per cent. The March figure would be more frightening as food stocks wane with distance from the last harvest.Three key factors feature prominently in Nigeria’s worsening food security crisis. The first is Nigeria’s Read More

On the nation’s security challenges

April 12, 2021 Adewale Kupoluyi 0

In recent times, the country’s security situation can be said to have reached an alarming level. This is because the crime rate seems to be increasing by the day as cases of kidnapping, rape, armed robbery, and insurgency are rife. What needs to be done and the roles expected to be played dominated discussions on the security challenges facing Nigeria. Read More

My Igbo brothers, before It Is too late

April 11, 2021 Dr Hassan Gimba 0

The Igbo are a resilient lot, an egalitarian and industrious people. Defined as a meta-ethnicity native and one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, they are predominant in South Eastern and mid-western Nigeria. Though there is a claim by some of them that they descended from Jews, the World Culture Encyclopaedia has it that the Igbo people have no Read More

Averting implosion in 2023

April 11, 2021 A. A. Gadzama 0

The likelihood of violent implosions in 2023 is an eventuality patriotic Nigerians are having sleepless nights over. The fears are predicated on some potentially dangerous happenings in the country that may get worse before or in the aftermath of the 2023 elections. Among these potentially contentious issues are reactions to spates of ethnic killings by herdsmen, wanton killings by lawless Read More

The president can’t kill himself…

April 11, 2021 Prince Charles Dickson 0

Only last week I had written on the need for a plea of allocutus on the Nigerian case, and myself and lawyer buddy Barrister Madaki while mourning the state of nation and x-raying possible solutions, it only got worse. So, the last we heard from the president of the world’s largest black population, from official quarters was that the president was Read More

Challenges ahead of new IGP Usman Alkali Baba

April 8, 2021 Abdullahi M. Gulloma 0

From far away London, where he is undergoing medical checks, and in a move that surprised many people, if not all Nigerians, President Muhammadu Buhari, this week, abruptly ended the tenure extension for the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu. That action taken by the president surprised most Nigerians because Adamu, who attained his mandatory retirement ages of birth and Read More

Tinubu: Standing out in the crowd

April 8, 2021 Dan Agbese 0

The occasion of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s 69th birthday last month invited, as such occasions are wont to do, a flood of encomiums, each intent on reminding us what a blessing the man is to our national politics. Tinubu, of course, knew that some of them spoke from both sides of the mouth. He knew that among those who loudly Read More

Why the West is paranoid about China

April 8, 2021 Charles Onunaiju 0

Late last month, the European Union, United States, Britain and Canada each announced sanctions against China over alleged human right abuses in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, claiming an unproven repression of the Uyghur ethnic group. Also in a report of human rights published by the United States, it accused China of carrying out “genocide” against the Uyghur ethnic group. Read More

Uba Sani and the entrenchment of true federalism

April 8, 2021 Emmanuel Ado 0

For three good years the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) deliberately refused to implement the Report of the Nasir El-Rufai True Federalism Committee, which addressed several fundamental challenges confronting Nigeria. It has far reaching recommendations that would help birth a truly Federal Republic of Nigeria and drastically reduce regional agitations. Why the APC, which in the build Read More

Conspiracy against South-east?

April 7, 2021 Victoria Ngozi Ikeano 0

A school of thought in the east believes that the spate of violent attacks in the region is a conspiracy against it. This may not be correct given that other regions are also facing similar onslaughts in different forms. Insurgents running amok, rampaging bandits/kidnappers, killer herdsmen, blood thirsty cultists, rioting gunmen, these are being experienced in various parts in our Read More

Criticism in politics and the crisis of morality

April 7, 2021 Muhammad Sagir Ibrahim 0

“Criticism” is described as the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived fault or mistakes. In other words, it is seen as “the analysis and judgment of the merits and the fault of a literary or artistic work”. Criticism in academic realm, is not a new thing. For, several scholars criticized the works of their Read More

Nigerian youths and nation’s future: A Waiting Time Bomb? II

April 7, 2021 Prof MK Othman 0

As a corollary to my article of last week, readers may recall the question I posed; how do we contribute to preventing the detonation of the imminent “time bomb”, which may consume all of us? Youth and children are the most vulnerable part of society. Children are like a cleaned whiteboard; whatever is ascribed on it appears; good or bad. Read More

Harassing the president: An apostrophe or an aside?

April 6, 2021 Eze Jude Ogechukwu 0

A classic public exhibition of bad leadership: A president that could not in 6 years upgrade our national hospital with equipment and expertise to the level of the ones he keeps visiting in London, but can approve billions of dollars to construct railroad into the desert of Niger Republic. We the electorate really blundered.” Nigerians in Diaspora UK, revolting against Read More

Will Reps’ probe unravel $5.7bn loss to concession, lease of FG properties?

April 6, 2021 Editorial IV 0

Prior to adjournment for the Easter, an Ad hoc committee of Nigeria’s House of Representatives with a specific mandate to investigate the leasing and concession of some federal government-owned properties sat and announced at its inaugural meeting that it will leave no stone unturned as it strives to deliver on its mandate. JOSHUA EGBODO writes on the expected outcomes  $5.7bn loss revealed  Read More

Clarifications and re-statements

April 6, 2021 Edwin Madunagu 0

My last article, Further notes to the Nigerian Left (late February 2021), was a deliberately condensed message. It was so because I feared that Nigeria was approaching another dangerous bend in its history. I therefore wanted to indicate, even for my own self-assurance, where the movement could stand and all that it could do and should do if it was Read More

$1.9bn Maradi railway: Counting the cost of corruption

April 5, 2021 Jerry Uwah 0

Niger Republic, a land-locked and impoverished country has shown Nigeria how expensive corruption can be. Niger has no sea ports because it is land-locked. it therefore imports and exports through Benin, Togo, Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. Nigeria is Niger’s nearest neighbor, but Niger’s importers and exporters do not use Nigerian ports for obvious reasons. Niger has a tiny stretch of land Read More

Addressing insecurity in Nigeria

April 5, 2021 Hadiza Mohammed 0

From the very early stage, children are thought in school that the very basic human needs are food, shelter and clothing. But with current reality, with the spate of terrorism the world over, security no doubt has been included as a part of the basic human needs. The current reality is that security is central to meeting the basic human Read More

The unending quest for medical tourism

April 5, 2021 Adewale Kupoluyi 0

Despite the growing criticism against foreign medical tourism by top government personnel, there seems not to be a way out of what has become a costly official indulgence. A few days ago, Nigerians staged a protest at the Nigeria House in London, the United Kingdom against President Muhammadu Buhari’s current medical trip to the country. The medical trip is ill-timed Read More

How do we plead allocutus for Nigeria?

April 4, 2021 Prince Charles Dickson 0

In a court somewhere in Nigeria… My Lord by way of allocutus the accused person now the convict pleaded guilty for the crime of cybercrime aka ‘yahoo-yahoo’ at the earliest possible time upon his arraignment, thereby not wasting the honorable time of this honorable court. We therefore urge upon my Lord most respectfully to construe the timeous plea of guilt Read More

Can we try green energy for a change?

April 4, 2021 Hassan Gimba 0

We ended the last day of March on a high note. No other than Sale Mamman, minister of state for power, heralded a piece of good news. He tweeted: “During today’s FEC, the @NigeriaGov approved the sum of N10.7 billion for the design, construction, manufacturing and supply of four power sub-stations in Damaturu, Potiskum, Biu and Maiduguri. These are part Read More

Mayday on Easter day

April 4, 2021 Tahir Ibrahim Tahir 0

The Nigerian Airforce lost communication with one of its Alpha jets (NAF475) on Wednesday evening. It lost communication with radar while on an interdiction mission, providing support for ground troops in Borno state. Search and rescue operations were on as 24 hrs after, there was no sign of contact with the jet. 48 hrs after, it became clear that the Read More

Nigerians, divided by religion, united by religion

April 2, 2021 Clem Oluwole 0

If you want to know how united or divided along religious lines Nigerians are, just hug the social media for a few moments. By the time you are done, you would prefer to be raised in the jungle. Back in the day when Tarzan movies were reigning, we used to marvel as kids how a human (or a prey) could Read More

Sadiya: The face of compassion

April 2, 2021 Jibrin Ndace 0

In today’s world, one of the biggest challenges to human existence is human and natural disasters – wars, floods, fires, famine, security challenges such as terrorism and insurgency, banditry and kidnapping. As expected, these disasters have devastating impacts on the affected communities and usually cause humanitarian crises. Most disasters when they occur, may not have been foreseen, therefore stretching the Read More