Ajimobi repair our schools in Kajola, Iwa

April 19, 2018 Blueprint 0

Education is the key and bedrock to social economic development, a conducive and serene atmosphere encourage and drive qualitative education among students. Basic infrastructures in schools propel academic excellence. In recent time, the neglect of public schools by concerned authority in Oyo State have made many public schools unattractive to students while parents have no choice than sending their children Read More

A letter to a liar

April 19, 2018 Chinedu Obigwe 0

Dear Obinna Emenaka, my attention has been drawn to a false statement you made against me through your team of warriors on the social media. It is totally unacceptable to say you fed me because you never did. How can you feed me when it has been proven generally that you are stingy even to yourself. Let the truth be Read More

Letter to the intelligentsia

April 19, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

Men of letters wield tremendous influence in the society. They are in the classroom as teachers, lecturers and professors teaching the younger generation. They are in the media as writers, journalists, producers, presenters and anchors setting public agenda. They stand on the pulpit and the mimbars as imams, sheikhs, bishops, pastors and general overseers preaching godliness with scriptural exhortations. They Read More

Child trafficking: The conspiracy, hypocrisy of major actors

April 19, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

The trafficking of children for the purpose of domestic service (House help), and other forms of exploitative labour is a widespread phenomenon in Nigeria. Children and many girl child are recruited with promises of well-paid jobs in urban centres, more especially the houses of well to do families within the country. The news of 26 girls that died on their Read More

Ruling by subjugation

April 18, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

What does it take to be a leader of all the people of the country if not that it starts with insisting on competence and merit? Once you decide that it’s all about surrounding yourself with competent and best minds, you have gone the leadership journey halfway already. The rest will be getting the best results. But when a leader Read More

Bank’s fraudulent charges

April 18, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

I read a complaint some couple of days ago from one of the contributors to this column. The person had complained about how the United Bank for Africa had been feasting on his accounts while hiding under a so-called card maintenance charge of N52.50. It is only in Nigeria that this kind of a thing will happen and the regulatory Read More

The ‘lion’ and the path he promised

April 18, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.-John C. Maxwell I woke up this morning to the above quotation, and it got me wondering if the ‘lion’, as his sycophants and his sentimental herd of sheep do call him, knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. I supported the ‘lion’ Read More

Obasanjo, Nigeria’s mouthpiece

April 17, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo shouldn’t see himself as a mouthpiece for all Nigerians. He contested, won and ruled for eight years and wanted to go for third term using our money to bribe the upper and lower chambers to support him but was thwarted by Nigerians. He should leave us alone to decide, not come out to criticise another person. Read More

Yahaya Bello will go, but scholarship will remain

April 17, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

I doubt if anyone with a modicum of conscience or education can give thumbs up to the government of Kogi State. The state especially under the current administration has consistently showed its incompetence – how grossly incapable it is to effect any worthwhile deliverables. In fact, I’m constrained to submit that it does not possess the conscience to get embarrassed Read More

Letter to President Buhari

April 17, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

Dear Mr President, I feel humbled to introduce myself, the writer, as belonging to the school of thought who believed you were the Messiah God had sent to bail out and right the multiple wrongs which had accumulated and bedevilled this nation from time immemorial. The known low profile lifestyle and unblemished records of past performance as a military Head Read More

2019: Politicians should play according to rules

April 14, 2018 David Bob-Manuel 0

Politicians in Nigeria should abide by the guiding principles of elections as set by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to avoid incessant killings and destruction of lives and property as witnessed in previous elections. The problem of Nigeria started from oil boom where we adopted an expensive presidential system of government and from then other political positions followed suit. Read More

Edo anti-grazing bill

April 14, 2018 Inwalomhe Donald 0

The anti-grazing bill in Edo state is an attempt by Edo PDP to cause mayhem and anarchy which will enable them to blame Governor Godwin Obaseki. The question an average Edo man asks today is who are Edo cattle owners? Prominent members of Edo PDP are cattle owners that the anti-grazing bill sponsored by Edo PDP does not address. I Read More

Nursing as a career

April 14, 2018 Muhammad Ismail Ahmad 0

Nursing is one of the careers that students look down on. But many educated people have come to realise the importance of nursing in our society especially in Nigeria as a developing country. A nurse is a care giver. An average qualified nurse is caring and understanding. He/she always wants to know one’s state of health, sometimes even how you Read More

PVCs and 2019

April 11, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

Oyinbo Kano! When will you be picking up your PVC? It’s in my possession already! But why ask? Well, you do know that elections are barely a year away and your vote could change the country! Come on! Not again! You have been guilty of living in the clouds for so long! When will you realize that the real clog Read More

Decaying moral standard among youths

April 11, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

What makes a great man is his reputation, which means he has successfully proven to be trustworthy. One does not become a great man overnight; a man’s reputation is his honor. It is however saddening that this is not being regarded in the world of today. The proverb “a good name is better than many riches has lost its meaning, Read More

Enforcing ban on tobacco

April 11, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

The Federal Ministry of Health always warns that tobacco smoking is dangerous to health, still the Federal Government allows tobacco producers to continue to flood the Nigerian market with all sorts of tobacco due to the so-called tax it collects from these companies at the expense of the citizens’ health! This can be likened to human ritualism in another dimension! Read More

Fraud in Social Investment Programme

April 11, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

We laud the honesty behind the disclosure of the fraud involving the Social Investment Programme of the federal government in some states as announced by the Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment Programme, Mrs. Mariam Uwais. We align with her suggestion for proper monitoring of the scheme nationwide. This kind of honesty is needed in our collective effort Read More

Re: IBEDC charge

April 11, 2018 Blueprint 0

In response to the letter written by Giftson Imasilue of Ige Road, Ogijo, Ogun State in Blueprint about the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company staff charging customers N3,000 to wipe off outstanding debts, we state that this is a case of misinformation as no member of staff of IBEDC is authorised to do so. To provide a context, it should be Read More

Implication of Kwara’s new law on democracy

April 11, 2018 Blueprint 0

When news filtered in on Wednesday that the Kwara State House of Assembly has passed a new bill suspending payment of pension to former governors and deputy governors, many perhaps didn’t see any peculiarity in the news. But to set it straight and for clarity sake, after taking some time to study the new law, I came up with these Read More

Nigeria’s faulty system

April 10, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

The problem with Nigeria is the absence of a patriotic national establishment. President Olusegun Obasanjo – an establishment player needs to move away from letter writing to help those in power to succeed. The lack of collaboration by major actors to move Nigeria forward is the country’s greatest hindrance. Unlike someplace where statesmen come together to hold think clinics, looking Read More

False census figures

April 10, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

I find it suspicious when Northerners proclaim that Kano is more populous than Lagos and Ibadan? Come to think of it, does it mean that half of inhabitants of Lagos, the fifth largest economy in African and one of the most populous cities in the world and Ibadan the largest city in West Africa are ghosts that cannot be seen Read More

Nigeria and the restructuring option

April 10, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

There comes a point in the journey of a nation when it becomes imperative to make a fundamental turn in order to make remarkable progress. This also applies to Nigeria as she grapples with inherent problems, amidst popular and expert counsel from various quarters to review her structure and modus operandi in order to unlock her potentials. One common piece Read More

Needless militarisation of the East

April 9, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

This second painful kidnap of schoolgirls in Dapchi, NorthEast of Nigeria, in truckloads, appears to reveal that there are no police or army checkpoints in that besieged part of our unhappy country. But between Onitsha and Owerri, I dutifully counted 19 checkpoints manned by both police and army personnel on a recent trip. On Wednesday, yes this last Wednesday, I Read More

Restructuring for development

April 9, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

Nigeria has wasted exactly 52 years and over $2 trillion of Niger Delta’s oil money on politicians and corporate executives’ extravagance. And here we are still discussing petty issues. If the three (four) regional economies had continued, Lagos would have been Africa’s financial capital; Aba, Lagos, Kano, Nnewi, and Onitsha would have been leading Africa in manufacturing. Port Harcourt would Read More

Ogun: Sifting credible information

April 9, 2018 BluePrint Newspapers 0

Barely days after the Ogun State launched its brand of rice- Mitros Rice reports surfaced online claiming there was no rice farm or factory anywhere in the gateway State where the rice was being bagged while some reported that the government mounted sand bags with some rice bags as part of its pyramid. Some reports even claimed that it was Read More