Flourishing in a post Covid society: The case of Nigeria, by Ihuoma Joy. O

September 18, 2020 Ihuoma Joy O 0

Often times, wars, famine, disasters and pandemics accelerate pre-existed trends and permanently change societies. It is no longer a hidden fact that the economy of the nation came to a gridlock with the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, thus bringing the country to a temporary halt and bruising the economy. However, while the attention of most nation of the world focuses Read More

Magu’s probe: The unhealthy antics of attacking the Judex by one Zainab Abiola-led attritional minion

September 18, 2020 Ochanja Obayuana 0

The man-made virus targeted at ensuring a total desecration of the judiciary appears not yet done with what has become the current fate of Nigerian judges in the face of calculated and unending attacks on them in the performance of their judicial functions. The minions of this war of attrition have again upped the ante in their antics of attritional Read More

Security: Where President Buhari’s trumpet is loudest

September 17, 2020 Mohammed Ali 0

It was the late Premier of Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, who said that if you do not blow your trumpet, nobody will; as others would be busy blowing theirs. Incidentally, President Muhammadu Buhari is one who does not believe in blowing his trumpet. Until last week when he charged government functionaries to showcase the achievements Read More

Rarara, Zango and Sani’s begging theory

September 17, 2020 Bilyaminu Gambo Kong-kol 0

Dauda Kahutu, popularly known as Rarara, had recently released a two minutes video on social media asking lovers of President Muhammadu Buhari to send him one thousand naira to prove that the president is still loved and Nigerians are solidly behind him. The video, which went viral, has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians as they battle to survive the impact Read More

Memo to constitution review committee

September 17, 2020 Binzak Azeez 0

Constitution making or amendment process in any democratic polity is a herculean task due to its participatory modality – listening to people of different ideas, values and aspirations. A unanimous constitutional arrangement is unrealistic even in the most homogeneous sovereign state. The integration of everyone’s purview into constitutional configuration is impracticable.Invariably, every multifaceted state would always encounter more cumbersome controversy Read More

When will Nigeria’s future leaders emerge?

September 17, 2020 Samuel Akinnuga 0

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic; the sordid situation in various sectors of life in Nigeria have become even more unconcealable. If anything, the pandemic has unravelled the unmistakable divide between government’s performance and pronouncements since independence in 1960. It has also exposed the palpable indifference of public office holders to issues of nation-building. In not so many words, they have Read More

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Nigerian citizenship question and American leadership

September 17, 2020 Godswill Iyoha Iyoke 0

Human and natural resourcefulness, territorial integrity and national greatness is a function of the capacity and commitment of citizens. Thus, as it is the citizens that determine national greatness, they ought to constitute the most important consideration in the matter of nation-building. Our most grievous misfortune as a nation is in the displacement of this essence for other secondary factors, Read More

Danbatta and the golden years of telecoms industry

September 17, 2020 Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro 0

“No man who does not see vision will ever realize any high hope or undertake any high enterprise”- Woodrow Wilson To say that the re-appointed Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission, Proffesor Umaru Garba Danbatta  is a goal getter would be to say the least. This astute achiever, since becoming the helmsman of the NCC and chief regulator Read More

Arthur Eze: The man and his political philosophy

September 17, 2020 Gozie Irogboli 0

Nigerian politics is described by observers and analysts as politics without ideology. The only prevalent ideological front seems to be ethnicity and tribalism. With over 100 years of nationhood and about 60 years of independence and self-rule from Britain, Nigerian politics is still steeped in crisis and instability occasioned by adverse socio-political environment and the inability of the politicians to Read More

COVID-19: Sustaining concept of decent work

September 17, 2020 Similoluwa Daramola 0

The novel coronavirus introduced a new regime in all spheres of human life irrespective of the human capital development of nations across the globe. The regime like a new sheriff in town ushered in several halts and thwarted several projections among nations with the corollary effect being a world holiday as was projected in the “Contagion” movie. Living during and Read More

President Buhari’s successes on the war against insurgency

September 17, 2020 By Abubakar Gana PhD 0

The issue of insecurity has dominated the discourse in Nigeria in recent times. In some quarters it has been stated that the security situation in the country had degenerated and that Nigeria is tilting towards a failed state. This school of thought lent their argument on the perceived crisis in North-East Nigeria with the Boko Haram Insurgency, as well as Read More

Counting the gains in Nigeria’s drive for digital economy

September 16, 2020 Mohammed Modu 0

By all accounts and estimation, the recent news from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Nigeria is heartwarming. The sector is steadily but more aggressively this time around, taking its rightful position as a front-liner in Nigeria’s drive for economic prosperity and the welfare of the citizenry. The world is currently one large IT-driven entity, it is on Read More

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Sifting through strange mails

September 16, 2020 Victoria Ngozi Ikeano 0

Sometime in December 2018, I wrote a piece titled, “Dealing with intriguing emails” wherein I stated that as a columnist/writer one receives unsolicited mails, not least of which are the familiar 419 letters. At the time the most common  of those fraud related missives were by  ‘representatives’ of so-called foreign banks requesting to transfer into one’s account a huge amount Read More

Fuel price hike and the people’s elasticity limit

September 15, 2020 Ayo Baje 0

Nigerians are angry and disenchanted with President Muhammadu Buhari’s government over the recent increase in electricity tariff and the pump price of petrol. While the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission raised the tariff by over 100% from N30.23 for 1Kw/hr unit per hour to N62.23 per Kw/hr, the Pipeline Products Marketing Company hiked the fuel price to N151.56 per litre, up from N148. Read More

Fuel subsidy removal: The needless furore

September 15, 2020 Maryam I. Shettima 0

Mr President is in the eye of the storm recently for bravely realizing the inevitable expungement of the fuel subsidy in Nigeria, brave due to the extreme furore and knee jerk reaction by some gullible and credulous Nigerians, who are convinced that, this decision is most inhumane and anti masses. Yet, conflictingly, deep within their minds, they are secretly relieved Read More

Truthful words that make one proud of our Military

September 15, 2020 Emmanuel Kolawole 0

The role of the Nigerian Military in the preservation of democracy in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. This much has been stated in numerous forums due to her exploits in fulfilment of its constitutional mandate of preserving the territorial integrity of the country as well as its invaluable interventions in internal security operations across the country. The exploits of the Nigerian Read More

Hajj Savings Scheme, the game changer

September 14, 2020 Fatima Sanda Usara 0

Launching of the Hajj Savings Scheme (HSS) is a historic milestone in the masterplan of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON). It is a scheme that has taken years to build. Although the commission has not reached the desired destination yet, the launching and signing of agreement were important steps towards a long and, hopefully, successful endeavour. The HSS is Read More

Discussing African problems

September 14, 2020 Adewale Kupoluyi 0

Despite the ravaging effects of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic across the globe, key issues at the heart of Africa were tabled for discussion to move the continent forward. The webinar programmes put together by the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, Plateau State, and the Association of African Universities (AAU), Ghana came at the right time Read More

Who’s afraid of Birnin Yandoto Emirate?

September 14, 2020 Hussaini Dan Isa 0

In the present day human societies, one of the greatest misadventures is that people play politics with virtually everything which is without doubt an injustice we are doing to ourselves as civilized humans. Of course, every action or inaction of our leaders and decision makers is heavily shrouded with political colouration, no matter how well intentioned.Sadly, monetization of our morals Read More

Banditry: Matters arising as Buratai comes to the rescue

September 14, 2020 Idoko Ainoko 0

When service chiefs were appointed in July 2015, like many people with keen interest in the polity especially security. I went further to dig into the profile of the newly appointed chiefs. They all seem to be great choices made by Mr President. However one of them exceptionally caught my attention, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai. With a physically imposing Read More

North West counter banditry campaign and the Buratai formulae

September 13, 2020 Moses Mbu 0

2015 was a turning point in Nigeria for several reasons. President Buhari won elections as an opposition candidate, which is a very rare occurrence in this part of the world. He thereafter made what I call one of the best appointments ever. In changing the service chiefs, the President appointed core professionals and battle tested soldiers to head the military. Read More

Checking rising inflation, hardship by Nigerians

September 13, 2020 Musa Ilallah 0

Most Nigerians are on the same page with President Muhammadu Buhari on the disturbing rising inflation and sudden spiral increase of food prices at a time when the economy is already mired in a slowdown occasioned by the global coronavirus. Only the doubting Thomases mischievously think and believe otherwise.Times without number, President Buhari has emphasised that agriculture remains the bedrock Read More