Young, wealthy investors in Middle East focus on Islamic assets

November 24, 2022 Editorial IV 0

Sustainability is also an important component of their portfolios, Lombard Odier survey finds Wealthy people under the age of 40 are more likely to invest in assets that reflect their values, compared with their older counterparts.Younger high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in the Middle East are more likely to seek investments that reflect their values, such as sustainable and Sharia-compliant assets, compared Read More

Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants & drugs: An Islamic perspective

November 24, 2022 Editorial IV 0

The young Muslims of today are facing an ever-increasing number of dilemmas. One of these is drugs. What does Islam have to say about it? How should Muslims regard drugs? To know this, we must see what the Quran and the Sunnah (prophetic tradition) say regarding intoxicants and narcotics. Allah Almighty states in the Noble Quran what means: “O You Read More

Meet 11-year-old Muslim boy, scored higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking

November 17, 2022 Editorial IV 0

An 11-year-old British Muslim Yusuf Shah recently caught the publics attention after scoring the highest possible Mensa scores in history. Eleven-year-old Yusuf Shah from England took the Mensa IQ test on a whim but instead got the highest score of 162, outperforming the IQ scores of two famous scientists, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking reportedly had a Mensa Read More

ANALYSIS: NUSUK, all visa for Umrah and section 4 of NAHCON Establishment Act

November 17, 2022 Editorial IV 0

   Former NAHCON Chairman Barr Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed mon fcia, during hands over of mantle of leadership to NAHCON Chairman Barr Zikrullah Kunle Hassan By Ibrahim MuhammedNational CoordinatorIndependent Hajj Reporters08037024356  Recently, there were deliberations in the Independent Hajj Reporters WhatsApp platform – a platform where Nigerian Hajj stakeholders converge – on whether NAHCON can survive without a feeding spoon from the Read More

Islamic perspective: Prophetic prohibition against economic monopolies

November 10, 2022 Editorial IV 0

Monopoly, or Ihtikar in Arabic, is a prohibited practice in Islam because it leads to injustice. The Prophet Muhammad has made explicit and specific statements about it. For example, he said: “Whoever withholds food (in order to raise its price), has certainly erred!” [Muslim] Also: “Whoever strives to increase the cost (of products) for Muslims, Allah, the Exalted, will seat Read More

British-American kickboxer, Andrew Tate Converts to Islam

November 3, 2022 Editorial IV 0

British-American kickboxer and highly controversial influencer Andrew Tate, who was banned from all social media platforms earlier this year for his misogynist remarks, has now converted to Islam. Born in Chicago and grew up in Luton, the former kickboxer previously described Islam as ‘the last true religion in the world’ and he has now confirmed that he is Muslim himself Read More

A dialogue with Satan

November 3, 2022 Editorial IV 0

 Deep at night, I had this dialogue with Satan. Shortly, I heard the Fajr (dawn) prayer call. I wanted to go to the mosque. He said: “The night is still long, so take a nap.”  I said: “I’m afraid I’ll miss my obligatory prayer!” He said: “There is much time to go ” I said: “I’m afraid I’ll miss praying in congregation.” He said: Read More

Verification: Is it true that accepting Islam wipes all past sins?

October 27, 2022 Editorial IV 0

The generosity of Allah Almighty is limitless. He opens His doors of forgiveness and rewards to anyone who seeks Him sincerely and He never holds one accountable to that which was done in ignorance before knowing and committing to His path. So yes, indeed as you rightly said, when a person accepts Islam all his/her past sins are forgiven.It was Read More

Doctor Bee in the Quran

October 27, 2022 Editorial IV 0

In the Quran, Allah, The Almighty Says (what means): {And your Lord inspired the bees, saying: ‘Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect. Then, eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy [for you].’ There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying color wherein is Read More

Al-Fulany to be honoured as best Arabic literary author  in  Morrocco November 1

October 23, 2022 Abdulrahman Zakariyau 0

  An Ilorin-born author, Adam Yahaya Abdurrahman Al-Fulany, has won  the best price in Arabic literature for the year 2022. He was singled out for the award by Eyes of Arabic Literature Forum ‘Uyoon El-Adab El-Arabi’ in Morocco. This, according to the award sponsors, was “in recognition of his contribution to creative and academic writing in Arabic, cutting across fictions, literary criticism, biographies, Read More

Islamic perspective: How dispute and arguments bring about enmity

October 20, 2022 Editorial IV 0

In sessions, forums and dialogue, it is easy to observe people engaged in arguments, debate and disputes that may arouse discord and hostility. This is an evil and incurable characteristic that occupies many people. Dispute is Part of Man’s NatureThe Noble Quran clearly states that man is naturally argumentative, despite the evidence, arguments, proofs, clear signs and varied examples that Read More

Eid-el-Maulud: Etsu Nupe calls for tolerance, peaceful coexistence

October 10, 2022 Chamba Simeh 0

Alhaji Yahya Abubakar, the Etsu Nupe and Chairman, Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, has called on Muslims to use the occasion of the Eid-el-Maulud to reflect on the virtues of love, tolerance and compassion as exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Etsu Nupe made the call on Monday at his Wadata Palace, Bida, during the Maulud celebration marking the birth Read More

Yusuf al-Qaradawi: Influential Muslim cleric dies at 96

September 30, 2022 Editorial IV 0

Influential Egyptian Muslim cleric and thinker Yusuf al-Qaradawi has died in Qatar aged 96, according to a statement by the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Qaradawi is among the Islamic world’s most renowned – and controversial – clerics and public intellectuals, and is one of the few Muslim clerics who publicly backed the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and across the Arab world. Read More

The Muslim ummah, death of Queen Elizabeth II and the appreciation of Islam by King Charles III (II)

September 30, 2022 Imam Murtadha Gusau 0

My dear brothers and sisters! Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the accession of King Charles III to the throne has been dominating airwaves in an unprecedented fashion. This has prompted a race to understand more about the new “Head of the Commonwealth” containing 2.4 billion people across the world, drawing Muslims into the vortex, too. Among this coverage Read More

Saudi Arabia launches unified electronic platform ‘Nusuk’ to facilitate pilgrims

September 30, 2022 Editorial IV 0

The platform provides a wide range of services and information to pilgrims. Saudi Arabia on Monday launched a unified government platform “”, a new gateway to Makkah and Madinah, facilitating the procedures for their arrival from all over the world, as part of the initiatives of the Pilgrim Experience Programme.Saudi Press Agency has quoted the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Read More

Igbomina/Ekiti Muslim forum gets new leadership 

September 22, 2022 Tope Sunday 0

The Igbomina/Ekiti Muslim Forum (IEMF) has inaugurated its 9th National Executive with Alhaji Nasiru Olabisi lbrahim, a retired Permanent Secretary, as its new president. Speaking at the event held in Ilorin over the weekend, the outgoing President, Prince Azeez Kolawole Olawuyi, appreciated the royal fathers in lgbomina and Ekiti, various committees and members of their forum for their support during Read More

Saudi Arabia: Makkah’s Grand Mosque launches recitation, sermon robots

September 22, 2022 Editorial IV 0

Helping Muslim pilgrims during their visit to Makkah, the Grand Mosque has officially launched new robots that will recite the holy Qur’an, provide sermons and adhan to visitors of Islam’s holiest site. The smart robots will display barcodes enabling users to download services on smartphones. Visitors can also press commands on the robots to access information on prayers, imams, muezzins Read More

Muslim/Muslim ticket: Genuine Christians can’t be cheated – CAC General Evangelist

September 15, 2022 Tope Sunday 0

The General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji, Thursday, said with the introduction of the Muslim/Muslim ticket by the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Progress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, no genuine child of God will be cheated. Oladeji, who responded to a question at the sideline of a press conference held in Abuja Read More

The explanation of soorah Al-‘Aadiyat (Those that run)

September 8, 2022 Editorial IV 0

This soorah (Quranic chapter) is one of the short soorahs of the Quran coming in the thirtieth part of the Quran as the chapter number of 100. Herein is its explanation extracted from ‘Tafseer Ibn Katheer’, one of the most reliable books of Tafseer (interpretation):Text:In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful By the racers, panting, And Read More

The audacity of faith

September 8, 2022 Editorial IV 0

The prayer has never been this hardLibraries are like studios. No sound goes unheard. No noise passes without someone looking up or, in this case, a librarian hissing and excitedly shushing the disturber of the peace, silencing the noise polluter. Nervously flitting and creeping about the bookshelves, I was endeavoring to be as quiet as such can be. Every footfall, Read More

Saudi Arabia, GCC countries asks Netflix to remove content that violates Islamic values

September 8, 2022 Editorial IV 0

The General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) and the Committee of the Electronic Media Officials in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) has issued on Tuesday a joint statement asking Netflix to remove infringing contents. The committee was chaired by Saudi Arabia. The demand came after several noticed that Netflix is broadcasting infringing contents and visual materials that violate the Read More