Greenfield Varsity: Bandits release one abducted student, 16 others still in captivity

May 5, 2021 AbdulRaheem Aodu 0

  One of the abducted students of Greenfield University, Kasarami in Kaduna state has been released by the bandits.But 16 other students still remained in captivity in the kidnappers’ den with death hanging over their heads except their parents can come up with the N100 million ransom and 10 motorbikes demanded by the gunmen.  While the police and government authorities are Read More

People and Prayer in the Month of Ramadan – II

April 1, 2021 Editorial IV 0

The fifth type:“He who fasts in Ramadan and abandons Al-Fajr prayer all throughout the year and may pray it in Ramadan if he is awake!”Many people are afflicted with missing Al-Fajr prayer in congregation and perhaps missing praying it in its specified time. You may find some of the people of the Masaajid who forgot or pretended to forget that Read More