Catholic bishop thumbs up cattle colonies


The Catholic Bishop of Bauchi, the Rt. Rev Hilary Nanman Dachelem, has expressed support for the establishment of ranches across the country
as the solution to farmers, herdsmen crisis.
The Bishop made this known on Sunday in Bauchi at the send forth mass of the outgoing Parish Priest of St Francis Catholic Church, Rev Fr John
According to him, “Cattle grazing is not a new business across the continent but other countries usually provide ranching for keeping and feeding of cows; so why is the system different in Nigeria?”
“If Nigeria can establish ranches for herdsmen to keep their cows, the farmers, herdsmen crisis will be over. It will also help the people selling grasses as the herdsmen will patronise them by buying them to feed their cows,” he said.
He said people should stop blaming herdsmen for the crisis because the cows are owned by rich Nigerians who contracted the herdsmen to only take care of them awaiting maturity period to sell them at their convenience. The Bishop therefore enjoined Nigerians to continue to live in peace with one another irrespective of religion and cultural differences saying “our problem in Nigeria is not religion but lack of understanding, patience and tolerance.”

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