CCB Act: TUC threatens to mobilise against Senate

 ‘Lawmakers insensitive, greedy’

By Moses John

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Nigeria yesterday said it would mobilise Nigerians against people they described as “anti-democratic” in the country.
The Congress, while reacting to the amendment of the Code of Conduct Bureau Act by the Senate, said the move as self-serving and, therefore, condemnable.
According to a statement by its President, Comrade Bobboi Bala Kaigama, and acting Secretary, Comrade Simeso Amachree, the Congress also commended the Appeal Court for their declaration on the case involving the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, on false assets declaration.
They, however, urged the federal government, CCT and other agencies of government to investigate looters, “irrespective of party affiliations and bring all those who have acquired property all over the world with our money to book.”
The statement read in part: “We condemn the plot by some members of the Senate to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act to their own advantage. By this they would now take over the controlling powers of the Bureau and the Tribunal from the President, to shield themselves from prosecution when they engage in acts of misconduct.
“Their motive is wrong and we would mobilise to checkmate every enemy of our nascent democracy.
“We want the federal government to follow all corruption cases to their logical conclusions and give Nigerians justice. For Nigeria to be great again, for Nigeria to succeed, corruption must be addressed squarely.”
It lamented that the mission and vision of the 8th National Assembly was becoming clearer by the day, as they had abandoned pressing issues for parochial and self-serving ones.
“It is our belief that if the people in authority do the right thing there would be no need trying to circumvent statutory laws and acts. For us at Congress, allowing the President to maintain his power of appointment into the CCB only is not enough if the war against corruption must be won.”
The statement further said the lawmakers had given the country cause to worry in recent time, “despite the fact that they are paid humongous wages and allowances with the tax payers’ money for doing nothing, even at a time the wages of an average worker can barely take him or her home.”
“The Act that regulates the activities of CCB is not meant for a specific individual. It will outlive the 8th Assembly. The Act is not about them, but about ensuring that people in authority become
“We salute the courage of the Appeal Court on its declaration on the case involving the Senate president, Dr. Olusola Saraki, on charges of false assets declaration brought against him by the federal government. We are aware of certain moves by some senators to frustrate the efforts of the federal government as far as the corruption fight is concerned. If it were in some Asian countries people who support such moves by now will be in jail or, probably, awaiting execution.
“It will be recalled that a similar amendment Bill was introduced in the Senate earlier in the year, which generated political tension that forced the lawmakers to suspend the process. Raising this issue again shows the lawmakers are insensitive, greedy and appear not to give a damn. We wonder how seeking to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act Cap. C15 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2014, that takes cares of the entry age of the chairman and members of the bureau will put food on the tables of the masses that will warrant our hallowed Senate giving it such attention.”
The Congress also warned that everyone, irrespective of status, is not greater than the over 170 million Nigerians, adding that “we are all equal before the law.”
“Sadly, out of this population over 85 percent are poor. It is our opinion that there should be no more silly games and hiding behind frivolous appeals to misappropriate our commonwealth.”

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