Celebrating 40 years of ANOCA’s existence

The sports sector has remained a major area in the programme of most governments, it is a proper area to help create a road map for her youths as well as discover talents and shore up destinies.

The sports sector is significant in its formation because despite any viral pandemic or challenge of a country, it does not stop the necessary participations in games that require preparations or in events that require conclusions. 

Whether our country portrays itself positively or negatively; or other countries have negative perception of her, it remains a hospitable choice for global sporting peaceful resolution. Sporting activities have no doubt placed the country’s terrain as an unavoidable environment best for sporting tourist choice. 

This constituted one of the reasons that Nigeria was chosen to be the Headquarters of the Association of National Olympic Committees for Africa (ANOCA). 

Member States of the Association of National Olympic Committees for Africa (ANOCA) are set to gather enmass on the 28th of September, 2021 in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja to celebrate their 40 years anniversary. This Association comprises fifty-two African countries that are members of the Olympic Games. Nigeria is not only seen as big brother of these African countries but was also chosen as their Headquarters for a rallying point for unity.

ANOCA was founded in Brazzaville and It is an international Organisation that is intended to unite African Countries. Part of their schedule is to mediate between National Olympic Committees (NOC) and the Government. They are also to ensure that the building foundation of ambitious sports policies, provide athletes opportunities, despite violence and pandemics. More importantly, it is to build a peaceful Africa.

As a forward looking association, they take into consideration in their curriculum Programmes such as African Games, African Youth Games, African Beach Games, ANOCA U-23 Championship, Olympic Qualifying Tournaments and ANOCA Women Olympic Tournaments.

Because of these enormous responsibilities of theirs, Nigeria was rightly seen to be in position to provide land and other facilities including a conducive environment that can accommodate them. Their confidence in Nigeria’s assistance motivated and  encouraged President Muhammadu Buhari, alongside his passion for sports and commitment to unity in the Diaspora, to approve 4,805.30sqm of land space in the prime Cadastral Zone B15 sector Centre A, in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, for their headquarters.

Nigerians should proudly commend Engr. Habu Gumel for politically and administratively propelling the provision of a permanent gathering location for ANOCA. Befittingly, they have recognised him as the father of sports and also unanimously re-elected him for a second term as their Treasurer.

It should be noted with great delight that the gathering of these eminent Africans makes Nigeria more significant and adorable as their gathering in this country to mark the landmark celebration will attract the presence of IOC members, delegates from the IOC in Switzerland, Presidents of African NOCs, Presidents of International Sports Federations, big time sponsors of sports and Ministers of Sports in Africa.

Above all, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari’s visible commitment and commendation of our atheletes’ performances in their outings this year in particular, is an assured  indication that the youths have added value to his administration. His provision of a comfort zone to the Olympic African Countries to deliberate on permanent togetherness is in addition, a wonderful kind contribution to sports and Africa’s growth. 

Nwokorie is a press officer, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development 

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