Celebrating Bichi’s 3 years leadership at DSS

The appointment of Yusuf Magaji Bichi, fwc on September 13, 2018, as the Director General of the Department of State Services (DGSS) marked the beginning of diverse transformations in every strata of the prestigious intelligence organisation.  A man of valour, empathy and passion, the DGSS has shown exemplary leadership that has continued to elevate the Service to a higher realm of organisational change and development.

Since taking over the mantle of leadership, he, as a man of stellar qualities, has undoubtedly channelled his peculiar traits into achieving outstanding and remarkable feats for the Service. His operational dexterity is exemplified in the ways he has managed the many threats confronting the country. The professional handling of the EndSARS protests was attested by many.

Mr. Bichi’s innovative leadership is commendable as he has continuously made giant strides. The last one year is not different.

In 2019, his one year of insightful leadership at the DSS was marked. Similarly, 2020 witnessed a celebration of his inspiring leadership. This was in spite of the challenges of that year which was ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DG rose to the occasion.  He showed capacity and brilliance with the role the Service played in combating the pandemic. He led from the front – providing Facilities and Intelligence for the management of the health crisis.

Determined to lift the Service higher, he has pursued rapid human and material development. His impeccable leadership style is staff centred. To him, the contribution of every staff matters. The DGSS provides conducive work environment; strengthens human development; builds staff capacity; engages strategic stakeholders and enhances interagency collaboration. These are in an effort to uphold the statutory role of the Service.

Aside numerous achievements in the preceding years, the last one year has witnessed more, which include, among others, acquisition of new structures and extensive renovation of dilapidated ones to address lingering staff housing accommodation challenges across states; creation of new departments and expansion of portfolios to accommodate officers; replacement of operational vehicles for all directors and their deputies; and equipping and renovating of all offices with modern furniture.

Others are introduction of biometric documentation systems; Information Technology (IT) facilities for various administrative and operational purposes; massive conversion and upgrading of qualified staff; landscaping and beautification of the national headquarters; sponsorship of local and international training programmes for personnel to enhance their capacity to surmount emerging threats; formation of the Special Intervention Squad (SIS) and Tactical Teams to respond to emergencies; continuous expansion of health facility and purchase of modern medical equipment for enhanced staff welfare; sustained collaboration with sister agencies as well as effective collaboration with strategic stakeholders and partners; and attraction of projects from strategic stakeholders, for example, the NNPC is building state of the art health facilities at the Service’s Medical Centre, VGC; Lubrik Construction Company (LCC) is constructing the DSS Museum of National Security as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

 A remarkable attribute that is attestable by all about this gentleman is his humility. Despite the strings of in several areas within these three years, Mr. Bichi remains cool headed. He exudes rare humility and friendliness that endears him to everyone that comes across him.  His passion for the realisation of the seven Service’s mandate is uncommon.

As a symbol of his commitment to internal security of the country, he has received numerous local and international awards from prestigious institutions. Indisputably, his all-round accomplishments are unprecedented. His ingenuity is unmatched as his dedication to duty and nation is unparalleled.

The Service, under his leadership, has continued to record successes. His direction, focus, motivation, wisdom, empathy, intelligence, honesty, integrity, confidence and humility have combined to make this possible.

Even as personnel and the nation look forward to more strides and accomplishments by this amiable, creative, loyal, visionary and transformational leader, we say cheers to many more outstanding years of greater success.

To an indefatigable and consummate leader, may you continue to break new frontiers. Congratulations to an officer par excellence!

Afunanya, DSS Public Relations Officer, writes from Abuja
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