Celebrating our Armed Forces

Technically, the Nigerian has shown a commendable act of bravery and tactical action in carrying various operations on terrorists. The security situation around the country laid a hopeless foundation in the desperate hearts of the citizens. But recently, the Nigerian are nailing down the unwrapped security challenges with determination and sacrifice.

Some reports show that since the beginning of , the new tactics of the seems unpredictable, likewise the support of the federal to end the insecurity boost out courageously. Our deserves a salute, not just with our hands but from the hearts too. Imagine facing such dilemma to save their country, this victory is not really cheap.

Our applause in commending our armed forces for neutralizing insurgents in sambisa forest can not be overemphasized. I was very excited when I read the news about the killing of many insurgents in sambisa, it’s indeed a welcome and we should commend our gallant officers for their tireless efforts to bring peace and panacea to the North eastern part of .

Also, nine days ago precisely, many insurgents were also killed by our gallant officers in Gujba town of Yobe state, and it was also gathered that few insurgents are believed to have escape with gunshots wounds.

Another welcome also happened in Birnin Gwari of Kaduna state where aerial missions conducted by the military led to the killing of many .

So far, the armed forces have done the majority of chasing out for those hoodlums to restore the peace in our land. For this gallantry efforts by our armed forces, I urged all to stop asking the president to change the chief, they are not our problems.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,
Potiskum, Yobe state

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