Celtel launches borderless phone network

Celtel Nigeria, a leading mobile network operator, has launched her one network service. This new programme will enable Celtel customers in Nigeria and in about 11 other African countries to benefit from the Celtel’s African and Middle East presence.

Under this programme, subscribers to Celtel mobile services in Nigeria can use their mobile phone in any of the 11 African countries as if they were back home in Nigeria.

They will be able to recharge their Celtel phone from any of the one million sales outlets in the 12 African countries where this service is present. More importantly, they will no longer be charged while receiving calls in any of the 11 African countries where Celtel one network is operational as was the case in the past.

According to Celtel, this service is already available in countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Congo DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Sudan, Gabon, Burundi, Chad and Niger. Celtel subscribers in these African countries can also benefit from this borderless phone service.
Celtel currently has about 11 million subscribers in Nigeria with about 200 thousand sales outlets. According to Celtel up to 400 million people across Africa can benefit from this new service.

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