Centre LSD celebrates world day against child labour

The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development (Centre LSD) in partnership with Malala Fund Nigeria, joins the rest of the world to commemorate the 2019 world day against child labour.

The International World Day against child labour (June 12) is a day globally reserved to identify with the plight of children who are used as labourers and offer strategies that society must take to put an end to the menace.

According to a press release by Centre LSD that “recent statistics shows that 152 million children are suffering child labour 20 years after the adoption of the child labour day. The Malala fund Community led Collective Action for Girl Education (C-CAGE) project in Adamawa State being implemented in Numan , Maiha and Song local government areas to improve the enrolment, retention and completion rate of girls in secondary schools being part of effort to challenge the narrative.

“Child labour has negative impact on the economic growth of any nation by preventing the benefits associated with human capital development. Many children are exposed to long hours of work in unsafe and unhealthy environment There is evidence that working under these hazardous conditions with little or no food as a result of low income, no education and no medical care are clear violation of the rights of the child.”

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