Channels interview: Presidency should address issues I raised – Ortom

Benue state Governor Samuel Ortom, Thursday, urged The Presidency to address issues he raised in his interview on Channels Television programme and stop attacking his person.

Ortom also demanded an apology from the Presidency for accusing him of stirring ethnic tensions and calling for genocide.

The governor, in statement issued Thursday by his Chief Press Secretary, Terver Akase, advised the Presidency to focus on ending the killing of innocent Nigerians, fix the economy as it promised and stop the stinking corruption under their watch.

He urged the Buhari administration not to run away from their responsibility, adding that they were brought to power to serve the country not to oppress the people and suppress their freedom of speech.

He said it is on record that the government promised during their campaigns before the 2015 elections that they would respect the rights and freedoms of Nigerians if elected, but sadly, what the people of the country have got from it is the opposite of that promise.

“Governor Ortom stands by his words that this is not the first time a Fulani man is President of Nigeria, and also that it is the first time the country has been divided on ethnic lines with lopsided appointments in promotion and celebration of nepotism, marginalisation and open repugnance of other Nigerians.

“At no time in the history of this country have impunity, blatant disregard for laws, sectarian as well as ethnic differences been fueled by the government as we now see.

“The agenda of the present administration is to Islamise and Fulanise the nation like former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Professor Kunle Olawunmi and other patriotic Nigerians have rightly said.

“Governor Ortom urges the good people of this country to call the Presidency to order before it destroys Nigeria.

“If nothing is done fast to avert the impending disaster, armed herders, bandits and other terrorists will one day take over Aso Rock Villa and those occupying the Villa at the moment will willingly surrender to
them and flee from the country,” he added.