Children TV to debut in Abuja


The Mango Media is set to unveil a new television known as Mango TV for children aimed at grooming future leaders in the country.
The spokesperson of Mango TV Francesca Ogar,in a press statement stated that “the channel will be the first children dedication television station in Nigeria, which will also be the first children channel in the entire African continent.
“Our programming is aimed at children between the ages of 4 to 16 years of age and their parents. Mango TV will be a safe place for families to watch television. Mango TV will see the emergence of a carefully created African Children’s TV Channel that will not only entertain African Children, but also educate the African Child using examples, characters and stories that they can relate to.
“It is vital that the African Child is exposed to Afro-Centric’ programs which entertain and educate, the result of which will manifest in a more informed, educated, aware, open-minded, confident and empowered adult. Mango TV content will be made primarily in Nigeria, thus employing young presenters and actors,
while creating much needed work for professionals within the various disciplines of the Nigerian.
“Our Mission is to Educate, Entertain & Empower African Children while promoting African Culture, Religious Tolerance, Gender Equality and Geographical Acceptance,” she stated.
Ogar explained that “the administrative arm of the company will launch out of Nigeria from a management and content creation standpoint which will be known as Mango Media, while the channel will be known as Mango TV”.

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