CIG Motors assures of job creation through assembly plants

The CIG Motors Company Limited, the sole distributors of GAC brand of vehicles in Nigeria has assured Nigerians that its coming factory would serve as a major employment creation for the Nigerian economy.

The General Manager, CIG Motors Company Limited, Mr. Arogundade Jubril, told journalists that SKD factory they have is currently run and managed by Nigerians and they have created a lot of employment already .

He further assured that they are moving forward with partnership with Lagos State government to go into real manufacturing of GAC Motor in Nigeria which will create a lot of employment. 

On the company’s new partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to mark the Professional body’s 51st Annual Conference in Abuja, he said CIG Motors donated a brand new GAC GS3 Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to the body of accountants as part of reciprocal support for their endorsement of the band and to mark their annual conference.

Mr.  Jubril said the partnership with the professional body and indeed other similar partnerships in the past is a way of showing how the quickly the GAC is being accepted as a brand to look out for in Nigeria’s automobile market.

“We are here in Abuja again with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to celebrate their 51st Annual Conference and also to exhibit the GAC Motor brand as we usually do. 

“This event is a big event and our presence here shows how GAC Motor is being accepted in the Nigerian market.  In all the sectors, from the government to private sector you can see how the acceptance is coming. 

“We recently showcased the brand at the recent Abuja International Motor Fair, this event has provided another opportunity to engage with Abuja people.  “We have about 3000 people attending this event live and about 2000 joining online and we have been able to reach all of them. So this partnership with ICAN is strategic for us. It is also a way of saying GAC Motor is the brand to look out for in the Nigerian automobile industry.