Citadel Views Estate to provide constant, affordable power via solar

Citadel Views Estate (CVE), a leading sustainable residential housing development company, is providing access to constant and affordable power supply for its prospective residents in the Sangotedo area of Lagos State.

Deploying cutting-edge solar energy solutions and biogas sewage treatment system, Citadel Views Estate is perhaps, the first of its kind in Lagos, with a housing model focused on sustainable living. This is being done alongside other modern technology solutions designed to improve the quality life, such as stealth security system, world-class recreational areas, and water treatment facility.

To ensure constant power supply without noise and air pollution, Citadel Views Estate homes are designed with scalable solar solutions that let each household get its own power while still being connected to the national grid and central gas-powered backup generators. CVE’s security system employs CCTVs and other modern devices to keep residents safe whilst boasting of a vast array of recreational facilities, including two swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, tennis court, football pitch and children playground.

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