Cleric advises Christians on peace, holy life

The Assistant Parish Priest of Church of Assumption Chongo’Pyeng, Jos, Rev Fr Samuel Azi, has advised Christians to live peaceful and holy lives worthy of emulation.

Azi gave the advice in his sermon, Sunday in Jos, adding that most Christians had derailed from holiness and embraced evil.

He said existing without true holiness had made many Christians fell in the hand of the devil, insisting that God had also kept Himself away from the people because of their evil ways

The cleric, who likened today’s Christians to the Israelites in the Bible, advanced that Nigeria’s current woes were due to the unholy lifestyles of most Christians in the country.

“As Christians, people should see Jesus in us; others, particularly non Christians, should emulate our lifestyles.

“As Christians, we are expected to live holy lives and our three readings of today are inviting us to true holiness.

“We must be seen promoting peaceful coexistence amongst people, not sowing seeds of discord that only lead to destruction

“Nigeria is passing through series of difficulties because Christians have kept themselves far from God and paying mere lip services to Him.

“So, if we want to move forward as a nation, Christians must turn a new leaf and return to God in true holiness,” the cleric said. (NAN)

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