Commandant of INDF PKC inaugurates “Garuda Camp” in CAR

Brigadier General  AM Putranto, S.Sos, the Commandant of Indonesian National Defense Forces Peacekeeping Center (INDF PKC) have visited Engineering Company Garuda Contingent XXXVII-A MINUSCA (United Nations Multi-Dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Central African Republic), at Bangui, Central African Republic. On this valuable visit, the Commandant had opportunity to have courtesy call to MG Martin Chomu Tumenta, Force Commander and Mr. Mike Hanrahan, Director Mission Support. Both high level officers of MINUSCA expressed high appreciation and impression for Indonesian Engineering Company performance, motivation and dedication in executing their tasks and responsibilities. The company has been continuously performing high standard since their assignment at Haiti, profesionally completed inter-mission or re-deploying process to Central Africa Republic, as known that inter-mission is relatively new for UN PKO and most complex assignment operationally especially logistic wise.
At the different time,  MG Tumenta had also mentioned that Indonesian Engineering Company is exemplary for other units served under MINUSCA mandate. The soldiers not only executed professionally of their tasks and responsibilities but also win local people minds and hearts.  Local people have been seeing high commitment and dedication of Indonesian soldiers to support them increasing living conditions of the environment. The acceptance of units served under MINUSCA by local people will bring fluency and success implementing UN DPKO mandate to stop fighting, armed conflict and preserving peace in Central African Republic.
On the occasion of this official visit, the Commandant of INDF PKC has proudly inaugurated “Garuda Camp” for Indonesian Engineering Company accomodation as part of MINUSCA super camp. This inauguration was marked by raising flags of UN, CAR and Indonesia for the first time at the camp. With humbleness and respect, BG AM Putranto signed the inscription and witnessed by soldiers and several local peoples who saw from the outside of the camp, this symbolized Indonesian serious commitment actively involved preserving peace in the world especially Central African Republic.  Last two days of the visit, the Commandant visited several engineering works which were still in progress and met soldiers on the ground to see and hear directly constrains faced in executing their tasks and duties.  Knowing update situation and condition will have positive value in preparing next contingent which will replace them next year.
BG AM Putranto had also took time to play volley ball with soldiers and giving Commander Brief on the next day. He expressed his great appreciation and proud to Garuda Contingent XXXVII-A MINUSCA, all achievements had been done will honour Indonesian Government at International forum. Maintain this such high spirit and motivation and all of soldiers should be pride of the family. Last but least, the Commandant reminded all soldiers to be always aware on security and safety, not only threat of armed conflict but malaria and ebola diseases as well. Follow all SOPs and procedures given by LTC Alfius Navirinda as the Commander, and put them as first priority during execution of every given tasks and responsibilites by HQ.

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