Commissioner seeks support for girl-child education

Nasarawa state Commissioner for Woman Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Halima Jabiru,  has called for the support of emirate councils in the state to  ensure improved investment in girl-child education and health for  sustainable development.

Jabiru said Wednesday during a visit to the Emir of Lafia,  retired Justice Sidi Bage. She said that the call had become imperative because educating a girl-child remains an important investment which government must prioritise.

Education is not only important for the sustenance of human and national development, but also recognised as an essential tool to fight and conquer illiteracy and poverty, she said.

The commissioner, however, noted that it was disheartening that girl-child education was not accorded the attention it deserved in inn the state.

She also sought the support of the royal fathers in enlightening their subjects on the benefits of girl-child education, discouraging hawking and all forms of child abuse.

“Child rights law which is operational in Nasarawa state prohibits child marriage, therefore, withdrawal of an under-aged girl for marriage is criminal and punishable offence for the parents and person that marries the child,” she said.

The commissioner also urged women to always guard against maternal mortality in our communities, stressing that no woman should lose her life in the course of child birth.

She pointed out that most complications in child birth could be avoided through early detection, adding that steps would be taken to ameliorate or prevent them during regular antenatal visits to the hospital by pregnant women.

Jabiru said that the state government would improve maternal health and strengthen  antenatal care programmes, focusing on the prevention and recognition of complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

“Substantial reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity will require long-term investment in community education and family planning and, ultimately the empowerment of women.

“Many measures that can be taken to improve maternal health, from specific medical interventions to research to the strengthening of women’s socioeconomic status, are likely to benefit the fetus and neonate as well.’’

Emir Bage said girl-child education is very paramount and a life line to development.

He said girl-child education is a strong component capable of decreasing maternal mortality, adding that women with formal education have better knowledge about health care practices.

The royal fater said that girl-child education had been one of his areas of priority since his assumption on the throne.

He  noted that with the constitution of the new emirate council the focus would be on continued girl-child education to encourage girls to acquire necessary education for self development and for the development of the state

Bage, however, stressed the need for the Child’s Rights Act to be strengthened and implemented in all states of the federation to checkmate indiscriminate child abuse.

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