Community policing panacea to security challenges – Kaduna CP

Community policing, if well structured and effectively implemented, will strengthen the synergy between Police and the community thereby providing solution to the security challenges facing the community, Kaduna state Commissioner of Police, Umar Muri, has said.

Addressing the inauguration of Kaduna State Community Policing Advisory Committee (SCPAC) and the State Community Policing Committee (SCPC) on Tuesday in Kaduna, CP Umar said community policing from state level down to local government level is the panacea to modern day crime in various communities.

He said that the two inaugurated committees; SCPAC and SCPC are the first phase, with the Area Command Community Policing Advisory Committee (ACPAC), the Local Government Community Policing Advisory Committee (LGCPAC) and the Divisional Community Policing Committee (DCPC) to be inaugurated soon.

“This security architecture is necessary so as to take back the policing project to the communities at all levels which will engender transparency between the communities, the Police and other security agencies. This will strengthen the already existing synergy as we partner together to solve security problems for the overall peace and prodigious development of the state.

“The two committees will ensure that a tireless effort is put in place along with other committees at the lower levels ACPAC, LGCPAC and DCPC to be inaugurated by the AIG of Police of our newly created Zone 14, AIG Rabiu Yusuf, who is to deliver on this mandate and to invest the requisite energy and intellect required with a view to entrenching a result oriented community policing approach that will be decentralised to every community in the state.

“To achieve this, the people of Kaduna state should be able to identify their peculiar security challenges and assiduously work out modalities of ensuring that these identified security challenges are carefully analysed with comprehensive strategy adopted to nip them in the bud.

“Every distinct community has its own peculiarities. Though there may be similarities, all communities have specific security challenges that may be clouding them and by the time the whole task of policing is brought to the people, they will be in the position to sit along with the security agencies in their communities with a view to identifying these challenges and work together to solve them.

“The revitalisation of the process as initiated by the Inspector General of Police will help in ensuring transparency, mutual trust and confidence of the people because they have been deeply involved in the security of their own communities and that is the core essence of Community Policing.”

CP Umar said though the community policing idea emanated from the UK and USA, It came into Nigeria in 2004 when it was adopted and incorporated into modern day policing to enable the Nigeria Police respond to the democratisation system of governance.

“The power of Community Policing is derived from the Police Order 291 which deals on Community Policing and empowers the Police at all levels to engage in active partnership with law abiding citizens and government agencies to collectively solve security problems in the society.”

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