Complete Magama Cattle market

Governor Bala Mohammed

I appeal to Governor Bala Muhammad of Bauchi state to please resume work on the abandoned Magama Cattle market project. The market will create more than 10,000 menial obs when completed apart from those that will be engaged in buying and selling of the cattle.

It’s nearly eight years since former governor Isa Yuguda constructed Magama Gumau cattle market but failed to complete it. The project has been neglected to the extent that some of its structures are collapsing.

The immediate past administration promised to continue the project, but eventually the issue was swept under the carpet. The community itself wanted to complete the project but could not due lack of government’s support, inadequate finance from the community members, among other factors.

Your excellency sir, Magama is the largest and the most populous town in Toro local government area with about 400,000 inhabitants mainly farmers and business men. It’s the hub of business activities, attracting people from neighbouring states of Plateau, Kaduna and Kano.

With its large population, Magama has less government infrastructure like schools, primary healthcare, electricity, shallow market square and inadequate water,supply, among others, though the town contributes massively in democratic process of Bauchi state.

In a nutshell, Magama Cattle market will be an exceptional one nationwide when completed. This is because of the business and other natural endowments the town is blessed with.

Being the melting point of labourers, business men and women and entrepreneurs, the cattle market when completed will provide more jobs opportunities to people of Magama, Toro, Bauchi and Nigeria at large as well as boost the state’s internal revenue.

Your excellency sir, as you promised to move Bauchi state foward especially providing necessary infrastruture and improving the welfare of citizens through empowerment, job creation, among others, this market will be of great significance to Bauchi state citizens.

To achieve this, specifically, the market needs sufficient dams, shops, cow stands (tie-shed), mini abattoir, among others.

Therefore, Bala Muhammad should please look at this development and complete the project. We hope our demand will be given utmost consideration to enable us benefit from the fruits of your administration as well as helping you to deliver on your campaign promises.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,
Toro, Bauchi state

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