Concerns over rising cases of rape in Wadata community, Makurdi

Anyone who knows the history of Wadata community in Makurdi knows that it is a place where cultural and religious ethics are held with high esteem.

Religious dogmatism and cultural sentimentality irrespective of religious and cultural affinities are in minimal; cultural relativism and oneness are what we call for and are taught. Shunning of immoral acts are taught to all Wadatans from childhood.

Cases of rape and sexual harassment were minimal. However, today, there are several cases of rape, social misconduct and sexual harassment thriving in every nook and cranny of the community, Makurdi.

We’ve lost it to shenanigans and unscrupulous elements in the society and cannot control our youths.

Recently, there have been cases of rape, sexual harassment and assault in Wadata community, Makurdi. Our children ( both males and females) are now prone to rape and many social vices.

Rape is a heinous act and criminal offence both in the Criminal law and Penal code.

Rape is sexual intercourse with a girl or woman without her giving her consent to it.( PETER-ODILI,J.C.A)

The fact is that there’s no justification for rape but there could be warranting factors. Today, you see parents in Wadata community leaving their children to hawk from morning to evening and ladies dressing indecently.

At night, you see lovers in dark places together. There are no regulations anymore.

Some of the reported rape cases in the community are precipitated by us, largely due to the failure of parents to control their children.

We must all stand up to stop rape and sexual harassment in Wadata community. It’s our duty.

Rape is a crime against humanity. No man will be gladdened and happy seeing his father, mother, sister and daughter being raped. Women are our mothers.

To the rapist let him realize that rape is a minute pleasure but a life time destruction to the victim.

Hassan Idris,

Makurdi, Benue state

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