Confab: Appointed committee leaders are novices, cannot deliver – Abdulhakeem

A delegate at the ongoing National Conference representing the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Aliyu Musa Abdulhakeem, has said that it is unacceptable that the composition of committees by the confab leadership is without recourse to areas of expertise.
Abdulhakeem said most of the committee members are novices, adding that their areas of expertise were neglected by the conference secretariat.
The delegate told Blueprint tha the organised Labour is yet to make its position known to the confab and would soon do that to avoid speculation on the matter.

Abdulhakeem who is the chairperson of TUC in FCT said despite the forms that were given  out to the delegates to identify their areas of expertise, the same secretariat neglected the forms and instead send all the delegates from Labour and civil society to one committee.
The TUC scribe said the modalities used by the conference secretariat is strange.

He warned “You can’t get result from such a committee. The modalities are strange to every delegate. Before we started this process, the secretariat gave out forms to every delegate to fill his or her first, second and third choices on the committee you feel you have the technical expertise or you have the knowledge or you feel you have the capacity to work in. After some weeks, the lists came out and what the delegates saw was not what they expected, because over 90 percent of delegates who filled out the form got something different.

“If they plan not to give people their first choice, what happened to second and third choices? You just find yourself in a committee you know nothing about and they said the delegates are going to learn from it.

“A lot of people who are in the conference have experiences in one endeavour or the other, even though you are not going to park everybody to a particular committee like they did in the committees that have to do with Labour and Civil Societies.”

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