Confab: Northern publishers laud Jonathan, want British representation

Coalition of northern publishers, under the aegis of Patriotic Indigenes of Northern Publishers Association (PINPA), has commended President Goodluck Jonathan on the forthcoming national conference, just as it called for representation of Britain in the process.

A statement issued yesterday in Kaduna by the Association’s President, Musa Ajoge, commended Jonathan’s innovative leadership towards making a meaningful difference, describing him as “a true Nigerian local content native tribe.”
Ajoge added that history would not forget Jonathan as the president who celebrated 100 years of Nigerian Centenary and organised a unique conference where Nigerians would collectively dialogue and resolve their age-long issues, saying that the country had chosen not to breakaway century after it amalgamation by Sir Lord Lugard.

Ajoge also urged the federal government to restore community tax which, he said, helped the British government led “so as to know true tribal identity and do away with fake tribal names in order to set the country free from its present identity crisis.”
The statement said: “If President Jonathan is not set out to sell Nigeria to the new occupant through his national dialogue, he must have to nominate a British representative to move Nigeria ahead.

“President Jonathan’s innovative leadership towards making a meaningful difference as the true native tribe in leadership will forever go down in history as President who celebrate Nigeria’s centenary and organised a unique conference.
“Nigeria government must restore community tax and Jangali at all levels across the country. The people’s community tax kept the British in the native land till 1960 before oil was discovered.”

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