Confab: South-west Muslims reject Yoruba nominees

Muslim Ummah of South West (MUSWEN) have kicked against the list of all the 15 Yoruba delegates for the national conference.
Addressing a press conference in Ibadan, MUSWEN’s Executive Secretary, Prof. Daud Noib, said the body rejected the list on the ground that Muslims in Yoruba Land were not duly contacted by the Yoruba leaders.

He stressed that it was unfortunate that despite warnings the Yoruba eaders presented a list of 15 of which nine were Christians to represent the region at the confab.

MUSWEN, therefore, warned that any attempt by a self-appointed group to force itself on the Muslims in Yoruba Land would be resisted, saying: “We have not mandated any group to represent us at the confab. Any decision reached by that group on behalf of the South West region will, therefore, be null and void. To be fore warned is to be fore-armed.”

According to MUSWEN, “Muslims in the South West did not recognise the so-called leaders; this was not the first time it would be alerting the nation about the danger being surreptitiously engineered by a group of Christians in the region calling itself South West leaders.”

It stressed further that “the self-arrogated body had been stirring ripples in a religion brook not minding the consequences of its action.”

Emphasising that the Yoruba leaders have the responsibility to approach stakeholders in the zone, MUSWEN said: “We are not here to search for them in their hideouts. They have to seek our views knowing full well that Muslims are in majority in the zone. They are aware that the old order has changed.”

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