Confab: Youth urges inclusive government

 The publisher of Sardauna magazine, Malam Hassan Rilwan, is a delegate representing youth groups at the ongoing National Conference. His comments on President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s speech at the confab’s opening ceremony  stresses the need for young persons to be included in governance. He, however, regrets that they were not well groomed for leadership positions. ENE OSANG writes

Stating the problem
“I am looking forward to a high sense of responsibility that will ensure that you will be contended with that which comes from your soil and allow that which is on sea for the benefit of the entire nation.”
The above were the words from Mr. Hassan Rilwan, who is  one of the delegates at the ongoing national conference representing youth groups.
Rilwan was lamenting the gap in leadership positions between the youths and elder statesmen in the country, saying young person’s look forward to when this distanced will be bridged.
He urged Nigerians to make the interest of the country a priority in order to make headway in every sphere of development.
“We must understand that any interest that is about a section of the country to the detriment of the others, is not in the interest of Nigeria. We must advance our interest to achieve the ultimate interest of our nation,” he stressed.

Defining who an indegene is
According to him, the indigeneship of a Nigerian should not be measured by the number of years individuals have spent or how old they are, stressing the need for all and sundry to be included in government.
He said: “The issue of indigeneship brings a two way responsibility on you that went into a community and the people you met there. However, does it make sense that what makes me more Kaduna than you is the fact that my ancestors migrated to Zaria 1000 years ago and yours did thesame 100 years ago? One day your 100 years will become my 1000 years. We must guarantee and promote inclusion”.
“We must break the false walls that exist between us. Be ready to integrate and proudly identify with the cultures and values you met; indeed be ready to accept he/she who genuinely loves to be part of you. That is the Nigeria the youths want,” he decried.
Rilwan, who expressed hope that youths will one day be at the hem of affairs, regrets however that they were not prepared for leadership roles, as they have not been groomed for that.
“We must answer the question of who you our parents are going to handover. Nigeria to? I hope you are not under the delusion that you will do so to the youth you have ill prepared because you do not want to leave the stage. We have to come up with visible youth agenda.

Expectations from youth
Rilwan said it was important for young persons to be allowed to run their own affairs, regretting that the older citizens has soiled various youth organizations for their own selfish interest.
It is worthy to note that the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), which is the umbrella body of other youth organizations in the country has been bedeviled with crises, believed to be sponsored by senior political citizens for selfish gains.
Rilwan further advised his fellow delegates at the confab not to play hanky panky with issues that demanded serious attention, adding that their deliberations should be such that will benefit all and sundry in the country.
He said, “Let us not shy away from the  issues but confront them. I am looking forward to a robust discussion on the resource control which will ensure that wealth is created in every nooks and cranny of our nation in a manner that you will be so immersed in trying to consume that which is in front of you than looking over the plates of another’s food. Let us expand the space of prosperity.
“It is, therefore, my expectation that we should be able to recommend a government that will best address our diversity as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society that we are, a government that is not wasteful, one that can harness the full potentials of our nation, one that can deliver all the socio-economic rights enunciated in our constitution and a government based on justice and high sense of duty.”

Way forward
The young publisher harped on the need for youths to be allowed to play politics void of control from government. “Government must stay out of youths politics and we the youths have to get our acts together. The current youth politics is akin to dancing naked in the village square.”
“We must realize that most of us in these chambers with little or no exception are Nigeria’s biggest problem. Are we being responsible elites? We must learn the meaning of contentment and reassess our values and what truly is happiness,” he added.
“We must realize that most of us in these chambers with little or no exception are Nigeria’s problem. We must learn the meaning of contentment and reassess our values and what truly is happiness.
“All these primitive illegal acquisition of wealth will not save our children. We must be responsible to advance our interest not losing sight of the basic needs of the masses for if the masses youth stay awake, tell me the son of a king that will sleep with his eyes closed and enjoy his inheritance.”