Consultant faults DSS on land sales in Ibadan estate

The principal consultant of the contractor engaged by the Department of State Service (DSS) cooperative for the sales of plots of lands at DSS housing estate in Ibadan, Mr Badmus Adedeji, Wednesday faulted the claims by the DSS on the controversy over the sales.

Speaking with journalists , Mr Adedeji accused the DSS of not been fair in its reactions on the controversy, saying contrary to its claim, it was the DSS cooperative that is proving to be clever by half. He insisted that it was the DSS cooperative that gave him the power to sell the lands on its behalf.

“There is an agreement between us. There is a MOU. I cannot just go to DSS land and be selling it. It is the DSS cooperative that want to be clever by half. They are just being economical with the truth. There is a MOU that states the sharing formula,” he said.

Mr Adedeji added, ” they are saying that we do not remit the money, but the money is not the problem. I have told you my own side of the story. I was given the mandate before I started the job. Where did we get the money to develop the site when they said that we did not remit the money?

“They are economical with the truth. It is not possible in this Nigeria for one person to enter DSS land and be selling it. That is what I called conspiracy theory. I acknowledged that they gave me the job to execute as a contractor.”

He stated further that he was surprised that the DSS cooperative is coming out with a statement to nail him thereby, exonerating itself. He added that all the subscribers would get their allocations as soon as differences between the contactor and the cooperative are resolved.

He added that he cannot go to a land belonging to DSS corporative and be selling the lands without the approval of the cooperative and appealed to the subscribers to remain calm as the issues would soon be resolved between the contactor and the DSS cooperative.

“But, what I know is that everybody will get their land. We are appealing to the subscribers to be patient with us as we sort things out and settle our differences with the COMCOOP. There are many things we cannot be saying here, what I know is that the issue will be resolved between us, all the subscribers will get their lands.”

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