Corruption in fiction, a national benefactor in action

It’s almost four decades since his foray into the Nigerian political space. Phenomenally, he has lived half of his political career harbouring a peculiar tag on his personality – Corruption. Yet, he has been living as free as a bird floating on air ever since. 

1999-2003 was the only relatively peaceful term he has had in office. By 2003, he had stepped on the toes of Obasanjo who had promised him nothing but misery for the rest of the term. He was mercilessly blackmailed and maligned, most popularly in the political memoir of Obasanjo; My Watch. He was the most investigated individual during that administration, yet nothing came out of it. Not even a single charge. He survived the ordeal even with the heavy blackmail and defamation, he remained free with not one substantiated corruption allegation. 

2007, he became part of the forces that halted the third term agenda of Obasanjo and contested in the presidential elections. He lost, but continued to be a formidable opposition – a bottleneck for the ruling administration. Yet still, could not be pinned to a single corruption case, not even one. 

2011, again was part of the strong opposition forces that were against the Goodluck Jonathan administration. He became a bottleneck up till 2015, yet the administration could also not pin him to a single corruption case, not even one

A man who has severally been aligned to national and international corruption allegations (most popular among which is that of the US) but has since been washed clean by the US Department of Justice where they categorically stated that in none of their public courts database can one find a defendant named Atiku Abubakar. 

In 2019, he was yet again in the forefront of the opposition, contesting for the highest office of the land against the perceived  “most incorruptible personality” and “impartial” leader Nigeria has ever had. And yet still, could not be pinned to a single corruption case even with the so called “corruption crusade regime”, not even one. 

And even after losing, Alhaji Atiku Abubakr maintained the spirit and commitment of a true patriot and an objective opposition. At several points, he had offered alternative policy propositions to the Buhari administration whenever he feels the country is derailing!

Now, just this trend is a historical phenomenon for a person to live almost half of his political career in the opposition, being tagged as one of the most corrupt persons in the country but could not be pinned to even one substantiated corruption case even after being a subject of a massive campaign and witch-hunt by national anti corruption resources.

He has repeatedly reiterated a challenge to anyone, a government or an individual that can prove a corruption allegation against him. None stands up till today!

Yet, we have been nurturing this intuition, even transmitting it to our offsprings that whenever they hear the name Atiku, all they think of is “that thief”.

We have succumbed to chasing a fictional storyline of some people’s idiotic imagination and It’s a pity. 

Now, I belong to none of Atiku’s support groups, I have never seen him, nor have I ever seen any of his associates/aides.But only this phenomenal pinch of his  biography can serve as the pillar for my support for his bid to be the president of this country. Fortunately, there are many other factors that buttress my support for him.

There isn’t any presidential candidate in this country that has consistently proven his readiness to lead this country like this man. From 2007 till date, Atiku had never brought himself forth as a presidential candidate without presenting to Nigerians a documented plan (and defending it) which communicates his programmes and policy direction aimed at solving Nigeria’s contemporary challenges. From his “From Reform to Prosperity” policy document to “The Atiku Plan”, he has consistently brought forth to the public workable, implementable and realistic developmental plans for sustainable socio-economic development, Improved national unity and cohesion, and democratic and political stability. And these plans have evolved over time to suit the most contemporary peculiarities and ever dynamic challenges faced by this country. Nobody has been able to objectively fault the viability or implementability of these plans or match Atiku’s consistency in this regard.
This is Atiku Abubakar! Happy Birthday to a National Benefactor, Wazirin Adamawa 

Ringim writes from Zaria, Kaduna state via [email protected]