Corruption may trigger the deprived to dissent

Nobody is fighting for the common good of the masses, instead the politicians and elite are only working for their pockets. Therefore the youths should be wise and not allow themselves to be used by these selfish agitators.
The difficulties that corrupt leaders have entrenched in this country do not know Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or minority tribes. The masses are all living below poverty level across all the tribes. Poverty has been the result of massive corruption of some of our leaders over time. But if corruption is not fought to the lowest level as it is in some developed and developing countries, whatever else is done is just postponing the evil days because eventually the youths will rise up to say enough is enough to corruption, joblessness and hunger.
A hungry person is an angry person. The vices that make our society so hostile to live in are caused by hunger and joblessness which are all products of massive corruption. I have not seen how secession or restructuring will bring solution to this massive corruption because with what we are seeing today, recovering of money that has been done so far shows that the corrupt politicians or elites are not from one geographical location or tribe. They are present in all tribes or zones.
Why should anyone steal money they cannot spend in their lifetimes? Instead of investing the stolen money here in Nigeria, they take the money to another country. It is astonishing to hear that a man who has governed a state and who is currently in the National Assembly is receiving huge pays from both sides while the state cannot pay the salaries of the civil servants. It is only in Nigeria that this can happen.
It is common to hear some employers these days complaining that our graduates are unemployable. Some can neither write nor speak good English. It is still a product of corruption. Many of the teachers who taught these brilliant Nigerians in and out of this country that are noticeable all over the world are still in the school system, but corruption would, among other things, not allow adequate care of the schools for conducive teaching and learning.
The leaders and other elites should be informed that we have problem that is greater than lack of restructuring and the big problem is corruption. We should not pretend about it – If we can bring it down we may not need to restructure this country.
Our fathers and mothers who have served this nation as civil servants are dying at their old age attending verification exercises and after the verification they will still not get paid because somebody has embezzled their pension funds.
Are all these not serious problems the politicians should discuss and find solution to? Can we continue like this as a nation? Nigerians are being deported day by day and nobody is asking questions about why Nigerians are striving to go out of the country by all means? If not for corruption, we have enough resources that should make every one live well in this country.

Ojapa Salawu Ahmed,
Ijaiye, Lagos

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