Courses parents want for their wards

Nigerian parents usually believe that some courses in the university give more financial security than others and sometimes impose them on their children and wards, according to reports. They want courses such as Law, Medicine and Engineering which they consider are in high demand.
These courses have been said to be the future as they believe they are designed for 21 century. But educationists request parents to move from this old belief now as there are more courses that are more relevant and in higher demands.
According to Nigerian Twitter users, these courses are said to be the future as they are perceived be designed for modern day use and even beyond.
“If you have siblings yet to start university, them to find interest in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Renewable Energy and Robotics. There are courses that are always relevant. Some courses are in higher demand than others, and serve as a guide to your siblings,” a Twitter user advised.

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