Court adjourns assault case to March 4

The case of criminal assault and defamation between Salisu Mohammed Rabiu versus Muhammad Alheri and three others has been adjourned to March 4, for definite mention last Tuesday.

Like on several occasions, the absence of the prosecution counsel stalled the trial, prompting the defence counsel to pray that the case should be struck out for non diligent prosecution.
However, the presiding magistrate at the Ibrahim Taiwo Magistrate’s Court gave the prosecution up the next adjourned date, failing which he would strike out the case.

It would be recalled that the case started as a Direct Criminal Complaint, where Salisu alleged that the defendants called him a thief while he was inspecting the plot of his boss, Alhaji Habibudeen.

According to the plaintiff, Muhammad Alheri’s shouts attracted passers-by who started beating him, thinking that he was a thief. Although Kaduna state Ministry of Justice had taken over the prosecution, the case had suffered so many adjournments.

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