COVID-19 and the consequences of irresponsibility


I did not want to do this, but now I have to drawing motivation from the fact that inevitability stands to be a moral justification for anything and that we are about to face an inevitable catastrophe unless we take responsibility! 
Let me say this, and please let it sink. 
On 27th February, Nigeria got its index case, an imported case from Italy. 
11 days later, on 9th March another person was infected through local transmission! 
It wasn’t until on 18th March that Nigeria instituted major travel bans, while international airports were totally shutdown on 21st March, and we recorded 10 new cases that day.

Today we’ve experienced a surge from a single local case to 97 cases in just 20 days, and from 8 to 97 in just 11 days! 
We have 3 days and 6 days until we reach 2 weeks from the day major travel bans were instituted and the day our airports were totally closed respectively! 
How many people do you think flew in from the pandemic-devastated countries? How many have they made contact with locally? How many states have they or their contacts reached? Have we been efficient in contact tracing? Are our statistics even reliable? How many diagnostic labs do we have, What are their capacities and how are their geographic spread? What of isolation centers? How many do we have, how equipped are they?

Why all these questions? 
Because, the disease has an asymptomatic incubation but contagious period of an average of 5 days(14 days max), and we are about to clock the end of this supposed period( at least from relevant dates I.e. dates travel restrictions and airport shutdowns were instituted). 
Who knows how many asymptomatic carriers there are today in this country? Who knows how many contacts they’ve made? Are you sure you haven’t met one yet? Because interstate movement weren’t stopped (until recently in some states)! Are you sure there’s a well equipped isolation center (close to you) that you could use when you test positive? What of the test? How far are you from the closest diagnostic center, do you even have one in your entire geopolitical region? 
Ask yourself, “these chances I am taking, are they worthwhile?”

Hmm, To be frank with you, you’re not safe, nobody is safe! There are a lot of asymptomatic careers roaming around! The only way for you to be is to #stayhome and monitor yourself! Don’t be part of the domino effect, that we pray not for, but is imminent if we don’t take our responsibilities towards fighting this pandemic seriously! 
Meanwhile, the federal government should also brace up for a worst case scenario; a national impact sort of and should therefore focus on a strategic national and not semi-regional intervention. I must confess I find the recent FG financial support sharing method to states, the unavailability of test kits across the country and the geographic distribution of diagnostic centers highly imprudent and should beget expedient review. 
The state governments should also brace up, draw resources from wherever resources can be drawn from to finance state interventions and equip state isolation centers.  

You’re so much wrong to think the disease is elitist, it just seems to be so because so far, only the elites have reasonable access to the diagnostics! 
You’re not safe until you take responsibility! Yes you! You “the government” and you “the citizens”
 Ringim, RN(ABUTH)[email protected]08036189935(WhatsApp Only)@Comrade_AIR

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