Covid-19: Chris Emejuru Foundation tells govts what to do for Nigerians

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President of the Chris Emejuru Foundation and the United States of America (USA) based Nigerian, Chris Emejuru, has urged the federal government to make her palliative for Nigerians a comprehensive one to ease the harship of lockdown. 

Emejuru specifically suggested that a feeding centers across all the wards should be created in addition to payment of N18,000 minimum to the poor Nigerians.

In a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja on Thursday,  Emejuru said his Foundation has developed a proposal capable of addressing some of the challenges Nigerians might experience during the total lockdown.

According to the package, he said three major areas which includes health,  economy and the social welfare of the citizens are major concerns at the period.

“In the package is a proposal of 18,000 naira for the next several months to the most poorest in Nigeria as well as the opportunity to start a business. 

“Through collaborative efforts with NGO’s, feeding centers should be created to address the food shortage problems. Hygiene and sanitation materials (Toiletries) should also be distributed to the most vulnerable and every Nigerian citizen who needs it.

“The government at all levels should also make vehicles available at every strategic locations so as to convey people who might develop any form of sickness to healthcare centers and to assist those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Emeritus believe that during this pandemic and at the rccovery stage, “the federal government can reduce the tax burden (in the short term) of those in the agricultural sector so that prices of goods will reduce and Nigerian citizens, eespecially those living below poverty line can afford them.

“The Coronavirus pandemic will have many implications moving forward. But I believe this pandemic brings a day of reckoning. A reflection of our values and Beliefs of where we want Nigeria to be. I believe this is our moment. This is our time to address our many challenges and take Nigeria to the next Level of leadership truly proclaiming our country as the giant of Africa. The time is now and it begins Today,” Emejuru stated. 

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