COVID-19: Education academy wants funds released directly to schools

The Nigeria Academy of Education (NAE) has called on government to release adequate funds directly to the schools to cut off ‘middlemen’s taxes’ to enable them prepare for and sustain the care of the students who are preparing for exit examinations in the COVID-19 era.

NAE also appealed for public-private arrangements to help with direct donations to schools, stressing that supplementary school feeding is needed at the time of examinations.

The Academy in a statement jointly signed by its president, Elizabeth Eke, and Publicity Secretary, Owoicho Akpa, made available to journalists in Abuja, advised that in the interim, the other measures on training of teachers and improvement of learning environments should take place before any other classes join.

According to the statement, COVID-19 has ushered in a new normal for all and there is need for adaptation of mentality to be able to cope for both private and public schools, their proprietors and stakeholders.

It said since all the examinations will be taken in the next four months, the total number of the children moving around and involved in different examinations will be huge and they must be properly cared for.

“On this occasion, parents have the final responsibility to decide whether their children return to school or not although with all the examinations scheduled, the temptation to follow the tide may be very strong. Those who decide to send their children should not be deterred from doing so for lack of funds to rather they should be enabled to follow through with their decision.

“For those schools without pipe borne water in the rural areas, tanks ought to be provided. Verification checks and continuous monitoring are necessary both through self-assessment and with external inspectors. Schools in areas that are physically insecure, should be provided with security.”

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