COVID 19: Health worker decries lack of medical facilities

The National Vice President Nigeria Medical Health Workers Association of Nigeria, Comrade Hussaini Ahmed, has asked the federal and state Governments to provide adequate facilities to hospitals in a bid to curtail the spread of Corona virus in the country.

He stated this in an exclusive interview with Blueprint in Zaria on Wednesday.

He said that based on the association’s assessment, most of the hospitals and health care centres have no decent and needed facilities to cater for the suspected victim even before moving such to government designated isolation centres for treatment.

Comrade Ahmed decried the inadequate provision of basic health kits for workers handling covid-19 patients including face masks, hand gloves and more importantly EPG wore by workers while handling Coroñavirus suspects.

He explained that the situation was highly worrisome as health workers live  was in danger considering the harzard involve in exposing themselves to such patients.

He noted that even in advanced countries like Europe, US and China, despite their sophistication in medical equipment and provisions, health workers were consume by the pandemic in large number and on daily basis.

“If I tell you the meager amount given to health workers who are struggling to contain the pandemic as hazard allowance by government you will not believe it.It is highly unbelievable.

“Therefore its regrettable doubtful to assume Nigeria is fully ready to tackling this pandemic.

“Now, do you know that most of the states in the federation do not have an isolation centre in their states, and testing facility to sample blood for medical trial and diagnosis? “he said.

He urged stakeholders to assist health care facilities with medical kits to compliment government efforts toward curbing the pandemic.

Comrade Ahmed however, cautioned Nigerians to heed to professional advise by taking all preventive measures to guard against the spread of the disease as the sure remedy to curtail wide spread.

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