Covid-19: Hospital debunks complicity as woman vomits blood after taking vaccine


Ashmed Specialist Hospital Kaduna has debunked that it administered COVID-19 vaccine to a woman who claimed to bleed from the nose and vomit from the  mouth after taking the vaccine.
The Chief Medical Doctor of the Hospital, Dr Patrick Echobu, while reacting to a viral video of a woman, identified as Hanatu Tanko, said the hospital did not vaccinate the woman, as they only took her in as a patient suffering from epystasis. He noted that the woman’s bleeding could have been as a result of other causes rather than the vaccine.  

 recalls that a video of a woman who claimed to be an worker from Gwamna Awan General Hospital surfaced online, where she said she took COVID-19 vaccine and started feeling dizzy, to the point where she was vomiting clot of blood. Tanko also disclosed that, she received the vaccine at Kaduna South Secretariat.

But the Ashamed Hospital denied responsibility for the video footage.
According to the woman, “I was vomiting blood through my nostrils and mouth. I was rushed to Gwamna Awan Hospital, there I was given medications to subside the pain. We were told in our place of work that if we don’t take the vaccine, we will not be paid. Since i’m the bread winner of my and my mother is sick, I had to take the vaccine so that I will be paid.”
But narrating their connection to the saga, Dr Echobu explained that she was admitted into Ashmed Hospital six days after she had been vaccinated somewhere else, where she granted an anonymous person audience to interview her, a video which was later posted on the social  .

Fielding questions from who visited Ashmed Specialist Hospital, the CMD said, “on behalf of Ashmed Specialist Hospital,  we want to strongly distance ourselves and condemn the video going round by one of our patients, who presented herself on the 30th of March claiming to be vomiting blood and having bleeding from the mouth and nose.
“We received her as a patient after she had vaccination six days prior to in this hospital and unknown to us, she granted somebody audience which she posted on the . We want to say that we are not connected with the information on the . I just want to let you know also that, all the staffs of Ashmed Specialist Hospital has collected their own vaccine.”

Asked what could be the cause of the bleeding he said “there could be a lot of things such as  chronic illnesses like hypertension, upper respiratory tract infection and the likes. Even the weather condition cause it. We even learnt that she had an operation in those areas where was was bleeding before. Such bleeding is called epystasis. The bleeding was controlled shortly. 

He commended government for making it possible for all and sundry to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, while advising residents to take the COVID-19 vaccine, noting that it is safe and does not have any harmful side effect. The CMD said all medical staff in his hospital have taken their own shots.

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