COVID-19: Jigawa workers’ returned to work – Badaru

Jigawa state governor, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar, said Monday that all categories of civil servants had returned to work this week.

Addressing reporters at the Government House Dutse, the governor said the decision was taken as a result of improved situation whereby no single case of COVID-19 was recorded for the past 16 days.

Badaru said about 40 schools would be opened this week across the state, adding that the categories of schools are 10 schools of SSS-3,10 schools of JS-3, 10 primary schools and 10 private schools respectively.

He said this has to be done as trial with full social distancing compliance to see how the situation is going to be. He pointed out that depending on development, the remaining schools will be reopened or be re-closed.

He said the Ministry of Education will be monitoring the reopened to ensure students are observing the guidelines given to them by the state government.

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