COVID-19: Kaduna IDCC undergoes refurbishment, re-equipping

As Coronavirus rages across the world, the Kaduna state Infectious Disease Control Center is undergoing refurbishment and being reequipped to prepare it for the isolation of any possible case in the state. 
The scourge has made incursion into nine states across Nigeria but there has been no case in Kaduna state so far, as the three suspected cases in the state all tested negative. 

When Blueprint visited the Kaduna state IDCC facility on Thursday, equipment were being moved in as workers were seen constructing a new pathway into the isolation wards to enable patients use different door from the staff.
One of the staff on duty at the facility Mrs Aisha Yahaya told our correspondent that the facility is being put in shape in readiness for any possible outbreak of Coronavirus in Kaduna state. 

Mrs Yahaya said the facility has received oxygen concentrator, suction machines, wall screens,  oxygen regulators, oxygen masks and other equipment, adding that more equipment and drugs are being expected. 
‘We are in the process of putting the facility in order, the necessary things are being brought in, while more are on the way. We just handled four cases of Lassa Fever in which three of them were treated and discharged though we lost one of them.
“We have facilities for 16 patients, we have four beds isolation rooms, two beds recovery rooms, four beds in male ward and six beds in female ward. The entire facility was disinfected after the last Lassa Fever case was discharged. We have solar power, generating plant and normal power supply. 

“We want to open another door for the patients different from the staff passage into the facility. The patient will follow the new entrance into the isolation room, from there to the ward, from there to recovery room and once confirmed that they have recovered they would be moved to the decontamination room where they would be thoroughly disinfected before exiting the facility. 

“We have received four oxygen concentrates, three wall screens, one suction machine, one wheelchair, 30 oxygen masks, two oxygen regulators, lighting torch, TV set, refrigerator, water dispenser, and air conditioners for the patients. We have hand sanitisers and suits for the staff but we need supportive drugs for the pharmacy to cater for any accompanying diseases.” 

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