CPC to engage on grassroots consumer enlightenment

By Donald Iorchir


The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has concluded plans to engage in aggressive sensitisation of consumers, especially in rural communities, on their rights.
CPC Director of Consumer Education, Mrs. M. O. Akeju, said the purpose of the programme was to increase awareness and make the rural population aware of their rights as consumers to enable the public demand better services from service providers in keeping with the CPC mandates and regulations.
Akeju said the nationwide programme will help enlighten and empower rural consumers to enable them choose what to buy on an informed basis.
She stressed that the enlightenment programme became increasingly necessary because of low awareness levels of consumer rights and responsibilities that called for urgent intervention, especially at the grass root areas of the country.
“It is our belief that if consumers know their rights and responsibilities, the quality of products and services will improve and its multiplier effect will be a better economy for us all,” Akeju said.
She stressed that the Council’s mandate were, amongst others, to promote and protect the well being of consumers as well as carry out activities that will lead to increased consumer awareness.
CPC has arranged a one day forum with the theme “Increasing consumer awareness through effective participation of NGOs/CSOs/CBOs” for civil society groups to sensitise their members on the campaign to ensure its success.
About 100 non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations and community based organisations are expected to participate in the seminar fixed for Tuesday, 12th December, in Abuja.
The forum will be a round table discussion; where participants will rub minds on how to develop strategies and broad-based techniques needed for aggressive sensitisation and consumer rights awareness, especially in the grassroots areas of the country.


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